The Instagram Account Sharing The Inclusive Manicure Inspiration We’ve Been Craving

inclusive nail art

There’s no doubt Instagram is a great place to gain beauty inspiration. But when it comes to nail designs, it’s often only slender fingers, clean cuticles, and lengthy nail beds that are showcased.

So what about those of us who’d like to see nail art on real hands? Hands that look like ours?

UK beauty editors Laura Capon and Lucy Partington thought the same thing and have since started an account called @allnailswelcome.

In an Instagram post, Laura described the account as a place “where we can share all the inspirational manicures but just on everyday people, the people whose after pics don’t usually make it to the main grid. We’re hoping this will not only help everyone see what designs might actually look like on them, but also spark some actual change.”

We’re loving the array of different nail designs (and hands!) we’ve seen on their feed so far, and it’s a welcome change from the hand-model-perfect pics we’re used to.

The two journalists only started the account a day or so ago but have already gained a substantial following, somewhat proving that inclusive nail content was missing from many people’s feeds.

“If you have chubby hands, one hand, short nails, wide nails or hands that don’t get enough love whether that’s because of your skin colour or age please tag @allnailswelcome in your nailfies and use the hashtag #allnailswelcome so we can finally see some relatable AND inspirational nail content,” announced Laura.

And with that, we hit follow.

Main image credit: @allnailswelcome and @char_x.o

What do you think of the account?

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  1. Manicures, finger nail art, not my thing. Having done mostly manual labour jobs for my working life it would be a waste of time for me. I don’t even grow my nails long as I can’t stand any dirt or foreign bits under my nails. Cringeworthy , I bite my nails to keep super short so they are always clean. Pedicures though, I love them to keep my feet soft and always get a nice colour painted on after.

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