How to make flats work for any occasion


I’m the number one offender of walking home with my heels in my hands. As soon as I’m able to take those babies off, I do.

While heels can complete a look (hence why I put up with them!), they’re not always necessary. In fact, flats can look just as fab – if you know how to work them…

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It’s definitely possible to look professional in flats, and if you’re running around from meeting to meeting, comfort is essential.

First up, you need an amazing pair of black flats. Be willing to spend a bit extra on these, as they’ll become your go-to for almost any work ensemble. If you’d like to mix and match your flats with both skirts and tailored pants, opt for a pair with a pointed toe and low sides. Steer clear of bows or flower embellishments – simplicity is key for sophistication.

Once you find your ideal pair, purchase a second in nude.


Flats for weekend wear can be a bit crazier, colour-wise. A bright pop of pink or red can turn your casual jeans and t-shirt get-up into something that’ll turn heads. Patterned flats are fun, too, and there are plenty out there that are comfy, sturdy and slip on easily.


If you love to dance, you’re probably very curious to find out how you can get away with flats on a night out. Well, you have two options. The first is a pair of on-trend studded flats with a pointed toe. Go with a nude pair to elongate the leg. The studs add just the right amount of sass to team them with a dress.

Another great choice is the strappy flat, which ties all the way up the foot to above the ankle. Hey, if it’s good enough for Alexa Chung, it’s good enough for us!

These are just a few of the ways you can make flats work for any occasion, but with so many different styles available, the possibilities are endless.

Just make sure that if you’re wearing flats without socks or stockings, you use products like Footcare Dry Comfort Insoles and Avon Footworks Odour Neutralising Foot Spray to stay, uh, odour-free.

And if heels really are the only option, be kind to your feet by sticking in some Scholl Party Feet Gel Inserts, and  keep a Compeed ® Blister Patch, as well as someHollywood Fashionista Flats in your handbag (so you don’t have to walk home barefoot…).

What are your tips for making flats look elegant? Are there any other must-have styles we should know about?

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