How to wax your bikini line


Waxing your bikini doesn’t need to involve a beautician, or a huge amount of fuss for that matter. It’s actually really simple to do it yourself at home, and achieve professional-looking results, too.

Don’t believe us? Watch our tutorial above to learn how to wax your bikini line quickly, easily and effectively using the Veet EasyWax™ Electrical Roll-on Kit with the Bikini & Underarm Refill.*

*Always read the product instructions before use.

#1 Insert the Veet Easy Wax refill into the device. Plug it in and leave to heat for 30 minutes.

#2 Check the temperature of the wax by rolling it on a piece of paper. If it rolls on easily and evenly, it’s ready to use.

#3 Cut the wax strips into suitable sizes.

#4 Bend your leg outwards and, holding your skin taut, apply the wax in the same direction of hair growth.

#5 Place a wax strip onto the wax straight away, smoothing it in the same direction.  Leave at least 1cm of the strip free of wax so you can easily pull it off.

#6 Holding the skin taut, pull the strip backwards as quickly as you can. Repeat the process, working in small sections one strip at a time.

#7 When your waxing is complete, remove any wax residue with the Veet Finishing Wipes included in the kit.

#8 Unplug the device and once cooled, remove the refill. If needed, clean the roller head using the back of a wax strip.

Have you found the thought of waxing your own bikini line daunting? Have you ever tried the Veet EasyWax™ Electrical Roll-On Bikini & Underarm Refill?

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