How to prevent razor burn on your legs


When you finally make the effort to shave your legs, the last thing you want is for your new smooth pins to be ruined with a blanket of razor burn

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Like a sudden onset of chicken pox, that shaving rash has a way of leaving your skin looking very red and angry (seriously, it was better with the hair still on).  You can forget wearing your new mini skirt, just sayin’. 

Thankfully, there’s a fix. Follow these seven steps to prevent razor burn, and keep your legs bump-free and beautiful…

#1 Rinse with cold water

When you shave you open the pores on your legs. Rinsing them with cold water will help to close them back up again so they’re less prone to irritation from your moisturiser and clothes. It will also help to cool them down, halting the heat that contributes to razor burn.

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#2 Don’t shave the same spot twice

Running over your legs multiple times with a razor is one of the main causes of a rash after shaving. Keep an eye on where you’re shaving and don’t go over the same spot twice. 

#3 Invest in a good razor 

Disposable razors are great for those who only shave every once in a while, but if it’s a regular part of your routine you really should invest in a good razor and take good care of it. This means cleaning it properly and changing the head at the first sign of build-up from hairs or product.

Try: Schick Hydro Silk Razor or Gillette Venus & Olay Razor Sugarberry.

#4 Wash the area first

By cleaning the area you’re going to shave first, you’re softening the skin, which will allow for a closer shave. This in turn will help to prevent razor burn as you won’t have to press so hard with your razor, which can cause irritation.

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#5 Shave in the same direction as hair growth

Say what? Yes, try it. Most people shave against the hair growth in order to get a closer shave, but all this is doing is making the skin angry. Try going in the same direction as the hair for the most part and I’ll let it slide for certain areas.

#6 Use shaving cream

It’s what it was invented for. It will help you to clearly see the areas you shave AND act as a protective barrier between your skin and the razor, preventing razor irritation.

Try: L’Occitane Cade Shaving CreamTriShave 3in1 Shave Crème For WomenGillette Venus & Olay Satin Care Shaving Gel and Lush Ambrosia.

#7 Shave with your leg on the bath

Having a sturdy leg rest will help you to keep your balance, meaning less razor nicks and a smoother job. You’ll also have quick access to the cold water mentioned in step one, instead of becoming too comfortable in the warmth of a shower.

#8 Moisturise

To combat any irritation, finish by applying a soothing moisturiser or post-hair-removal product that contain vitamin E or aloe vera, as these ingredients have anti-inflammatory properties that will help soothe your skin.  bh recommends LYCON Soothing Cream and Nad’s Ingrow Solution.

Do you suffer from shaving rash? What’s your best tip for super smooth legs?

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