How to match nail colours to star signs

How to match nail colours to star signs

Ever wondered if there’s more to star signs than just a cheesy pick up line? Well, beauty lovers, it turns out there are particular mani colours that are best suited to your personality, and thanks to good ol’ astrology, they’re determined based on your star sign. So tell us, what’s your sign? Here’s how to match your nail colour to your zodiac sign. 

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You are: Forward thinking and independent. You’re also super friendly, energetic and talented, and often use your abilities to help others. 

Colour to try: Turquoise – this bright shade suits the unique energy of most Aquarians. 

We recommend:Colour by TBN Wanderlust Nail Polish in Tokyo

You are: Gentle, compassionate and artistic. Selfless is your middle name and you are always willing to help others without any expectations. 

Colour to try: Lilac, as the soft, pastel shade matches Pisces’ gentle nature.

We recommend:Crabtree & Evelyn Nail Lacquer in Lilac

You are: Confident, courageous and determined. Aries is ruled by fire, which means those born under the sign are always searching for speed, challenges and competition.

Colour to try: Fire engine red. The eye-catching colour symbolises energy, passion and action – much like Aries.

We recommend:OPI Core Collection in Big Apple Red

You are: Reliable, responsible and devoted. You often search for the beauty in life, and love being outdoors amongst nature. 

Colour to try: A cool blue as it reminds them of their true love – the sea, the sky and nature in general. 

We recommend:Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in 571 Water Color

You are: Curious, expressive and quick-witted. You no doubt have two different sides to your personality – one that is sociable, communicative and ready for fun, while the other is serious and thoughtful.  

Colour to try: Mint green. The shade symbolises balance, which is essential for the two-sided Gemini nature. 

We recommend: essie nail colour in mint candy apple

You are: Sensitive, creative and emotional. You’re also super loyal and become very attached to the people around you.

Colour to try: Orange, as it combines the energy of red with the happiness of yellow. It is associated with joy, creativity and attraction. A pinky-orange hue also won’t go astray, adding a feminine touch to any manicure. 

We recommend:Sea Siren ‘Cool Cruising’ Nail Polish Collection in Coral Atoll

You are: Brave, passionate and warm-hearted. You’re a natural born leader, and other people find it difficult to resist you.

Colour to try: Gold – the unique shade will ensure Leos stand out from the crowd.

We recommend:essence the gel nail polish in 44 on air!

You are: Caring, with great attention to detail and sometimes a little shy. You prefer an organised and conservative approach to life.

Colour to try: Grey shades, for a neutral look.

We recommend:Bobbi Brown Greige Collection – Nail Polish in Greige

You are: Peaceful, fair-minded and incredibly social. You also have a keen mind for learning.

Colour to try: Royal blue, as it symbolises relaxation and peace. 

We recommend: CND VINYLUX Weekly Polish in 138 Purple Purple

You are: Passionate, determined and assertive. You’re very aware, and live to experience and express emotion. 

Colour to try: Deep red shades. Dark red is associated with courage, leadership and longing.

We recommend:Rokk96 Nail Polish in Lady Danger

You are: Energetic, optimistic and open-minded. You love to travel and experience as much as possible. 

Colour to try: Purple – the unconventional shade goes against the grain. 

We recommend:Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear Nail Polish in 529 Pep-Plum

You are: Responsible, disciplined and practical. Capricorns are considered the most serious sign of the zodiac, and most hold traditional values.

Colour to try: Keep it safe with nude shades.

We recommend:Estée Lauder Pure Color Nail Lacquer in Ballerina Pink

What’s your favourite nail colour? Would you ever match your mani to your star sign?

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