How-to: marvellous marble nail art


We had SO many awesome shortlisted nail art looks from our metallic Aztec nail art design competition that I’m sure it was near impossible for all of you to choose a favourite to vote for. We’ve already seen one of our three winners, Trudz’s glitter nails with a twist – and now it’s time to showcase our second winner’s nail art how-to.

Congratulations Natalie123! Beautyheaven members simply loved your marble nail art – and for that you’ll be receiving the entire Sally Hansen Lustre Shine Nail Colour range soon. And for everyone else, you get to find out how to create the awesome nail art look by following Natalie123’s very own steps…

1. Begin by applying a light-coloured base colour to your nails (white, for example). You will also need a cup filled with room temperature water (side note: it’s best to use a cup you don’t need anymore). Also, apply sticky tape from under your cuticle down your finger to protect your skin, just leaving the nail exposed.

2. Take two or three of your favourite polishes and place a drop of the first polish in the centre of the water cup. You will see the nail polish spread over the water. Quickly follow with a drop of the second colour, then the first polish again, then the second and repeat until you have about seven rims of colours….

3. Now with a toothpick, gently make a pattern to mix the colours. Straight lines, swirls, zig zags – whatever you fancy really!

4. Select a section of the design where you think the pattern is most attractive and gently place your nail flat onto the pattern in the water and hold it there for a few seconds.

5. Using a cotton bud or another toothpick, swirl it around in the cup to collect the excess nail polish from your nail.

6. Gently lift your finger out of the water and carefully cut/remove the sticky tape from the finger.

7. Apply a coat of clear nail polish and TADA! You have nail art everyone will comment on.

TIP: Try to be quick dropping the polish into the water so it doesn’t dry out, otherwise it will be hard to make your patterns. I found Sally Hansen nail polish the best for water marbling.

Would you try this nail art look? Which colours would you most like to use for this look?

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