OMG. You’ve torn a nail…

OMG. You’ve torn a nail…

Some girls get them in a catfight with Ashley Simpson. Others while clawing for the last frock on the sales rack. We get them while tapping furiously away at our keyboards. Split happens to everyone – and while a cracked nail isn’t the end of the world, it does take the shine right off your glam (and leave you looking decidedly Britney-Spears-at-the-end-of-a-big-night). Here’s how to rescue your mani, and your self-respect, in an emergency:

1. Gently smooth any jagged edges and snags with an emery board.
2. Use an orangewood (cuticle) stick to apply little dots of nail glue (try Manicare Brush On Nail Glue) directly onto the break. Gently lift the nail at the break, allowing the adhesive to ‘grab’ both sides.
3. Press the seams of the tear together and hold for a few seconds. Then add another dab of the nail adhesive to the surface of your nail and allow it to set.
4. Carefully stroke against the grain of your nail with an emery board to ensure a smooth, even surface and to remove any excess glue.
5. Wash and dry your nail before painting a coat of super strong base coat (try Jessica Unbreakable) underneath and over the top of your nail.
6. Now tear off two small pieces of the fibre from a tea bag. Using your orangewood stick, apply a tiny bit of nail glue to one piece of  fibre and patch it over the break. Repeat underneath your nail with the second piece of fibre.
7. Be sure that the surface of the paper is smooth, both over and under your nail.
8. Apply another lick of base coat to the top and bottom sides of the nail.
9. Disguise your handiwork with two coats of your favourite nail varnish (Lindsay here is wearing Fedora from Creative Nail Design’s new The Look collection).
10. Complete the illusion of talon perfection with a strong, glossy topcoat like Qtica Extending Top Coat.

Phew. Crisis averted.

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