10 tips for your longest lasting mani ever


Having perfectly painted nails can really make a gal feel put together, sophisticated and ready to take on the world… Until of course, this state of bliss is completely shattered by a big fat chip just a few hours later. Devastating.

No-one should have to go through that sort of heartbreak after every manicure, so to help your polish last longer, make sure you’re following these 10 tips:

#1 Keep your nails short

If you have a job or lifestyle where your hands are used a lot, keep your nails on the shorter side to prevent chips. “if you spend time in the garden, or your nails are exposed to too much water, then it is more likely that your nail polish will chip.” says nail expert Mitty Burns. “In this instant, the shorter and less pointy edges are for you.”

#2 Prep properly

File and buff your nails prior to painting. Mitty says this will provide your polish with a even surface to adhere to. If you have ridges or uneven nails, your polish is more prone to wear and tear.

#3 Always apply a base coat or nail primer

A nail primer or base coat acts similarly to a make-up primer, supplying a smooth surface to increase longevity of the colour coat. Mitty notes that it also helps “to protect the nails from discolouring.”

#4 Only apply two coats of colour

Applying more layers of nail lacquer won’t make your polish last longer. In fact Mitty says, “the more you apply, the more likely it will become smudged.” If polish is applied too thickly, it becomes pliable and the slightest bump could create movement. Therefore two is a good number to stick to.

#5 Touch your tips first

Nail polish chips most commonly occur at the tip of the nail, so Mitty’s advice is to first apply a thin layer of your colour coat here first, to give it a little extra strength, before applying your two coats in full.

#6 Tactfully apply your topcoat

A top coat will give your polish a shiny, professional finish and “act as a protector [to] stop the nail polish from chipping, which makes it last longer.” says Mitty. Her top coat trick? Apply it along the edge and underside of your nail to give the tips extra protection.

#7 Consider your topcoat formula

Not only should you look for a top coat that dries quickly, but Mitty has also found that using a no-light gel top coat provides longer lasting results.

#8 Allow enough drying time

Even if you’re incredibly fast at painting your nails, you should always make sure you have enough time to let them dry properly. Mitty says if you’re using a quality brand like OPI, the base and top coat should be dry after two to three minutes, and to allow an extra minute or so after applying a top coat.

#9 Try this dry test

Rather than trying your luck or poking your nail with your finger to check if it’s dry (resulting in a smudged print if you’re too early), try Mitty’s trick: “Whenever I want to know if my polish is completely dry, I gently touch the sides of my two pointer nails together. If I can separate them without a sticky feeling then [I know it’s] dry.”

#10 Use a complete nail system

If you really want your manicure to last, go for a complete three step nail system that consists of a primer base coat, colour coat and gloss top coat. What’s the difference, you ask? Well, a system like the O.P.I Infinite Shine Three-Step System, is formulated specifically to work together, for a manicure that’s not only super shiny and rich in colour, but lasts for up to 10 days (hallelujah!). So even though they may be sold separately, together is better. Just check out the great reviews…

Have you tried the O.P.I Infinite Shine Three-Step System? Have you tried any of the above tips before?

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