6 tricks to look instantly slimmer


Losing weight takes time, dedication and willpower. But appearing like you’ve lost weight is something that can be achieved in five minutes. Just the same as you choose clothes that flatter your figure, there are certain beauty tricks that you can utilise to flatter your appearance and achieve a slimmer look.  

SLIMMING BEAUTY TRICK #1 Choose the right hairstyle

Next time you visit your hairdresser, ask whether there is a certain cut or style that could make your face appear slimmer. As a general rule, keeping your hair length below the chin will help your face appear longer, layers in the right spot can flatter certain areas while hiding others, and loose waves will create a slimmer frame than tight curls. 

SLIMMING BEAUTY TRICK #2 Body sculpting cream

Using a body sculpting cream, such as Epochas Body Sculpting Cream, can assist in removing fat molecules from certain areas of the body. Whether you consider your thighs, bottom or arms your problem area, a body sculpting cream will help boost metabolism to burn fat in these areas. Simply apply it to your chosen areas twice a day.

SLIMMING BEAUTY TRICK #3 Contouring & highlighting

Knowing your face shape is the key to achieving a slimmer face. Once you establish whether you’re a heart, circle, square or oval shape, you’ll be able to determine which parts of your face you’d like to appear slimmer, and therefore need to be contoured, and the parts of your face which are flattering, and therefore need to be highlighted. 

bh recommends: Face of Australia Limited Edition Glamazon Contour & Highlight Kit and Elizabeth Arden Pure Finish Mineral Bronzing Powder.


Nobody likes to have a double chin in photos. But instead of doing the horrific head tilt or turtleneck, try this simple and less obvious trick. Place your tongue on the roof of your mouth as you smile. Yep that’s all you have to do. By holding your tongue flat just before your teeth, the muscles in your neck will tighten to prevent the dreaded double chin.


Ah yes, the oldest instant slim-down trick in the book: getting a tan. But the difference is that these days we know better than to get it from the sun. Try using a gradual tanner every few days to maintain a healthy glow that will enhance toned areas to make them appear even firmer.

bh recommends: Bondi Sands Gradual Tanning Milk Everyday and Tuscan Tan Gradual Self Tan Milk.

SLIMMING BEAUTY TRICK #6 Soak in Epsom salts

Bathing in Epsom salts can help to reduce bloating, as the magnesium sulphate in the salt draws out toxins, cellular waste and excess fluid from the body. Even those who don’t particularly suffer from bloating can notice a difference in their waistline. Simply add two cups of Epsom salts to your regular bath and soak for 10 minutes (soaking longer will not shrink you further, so there’s no point sitting in there until you’re a raisin.)

Have you ever tried any of the above tricks? Do you have any other beauty tips for looking slimmer?

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