How to look flawless all day long

How to look flawless all day long

Have you ever fallen in love with a perfume, only to find it’s barely detectable by the end of the day? Or are you delighted with the look of your foundation in the morning, only to feel totally let down by lunchtime? You may be on the verge of giving up on these promising products, but don’t write them off just yet. If you tweak the way you use them, there’s a very good chance you and your beauty buy will live happily ever after together, after all… 


So, you’ve just bought a beautiful new body lotion, but before you go slathering it on, read these tips…

Tweak #1: The best time to moisturise is after a shower. Why? Because warm water and steam open up pores, allowing the hydrating ingredients in your lotion to fully sink in. 

Tweak #2: If possible, give your moisturiser a couple of minutes to absorb before you pull your jeans on – otherwise, most of it will rub off on them! And we hate waste.

Tweak #3: The very best moisturiser in the world won’t help you if you’ve totally sapped your skin prior to using it. Turn down the heat in the shower and, if you have particularly dry skin, swap your regular body wash for a nourishing, oil-based one such as Sanctuary Spa 2 Day Moisture Shower Oil or Elemis Skin Nourishing Shower Cream.


Spraying more perfume on yourself won’t make it last longer. These tips, on the other hand, will…

Tweak #1: Before you spritz on your scent, make sure your skin is well hydrated (see above). Why? The moisture works to bind the scent to your skin. To increase the effect, try rubbing a balm such as Vaseline Intensive Care Petroleum Jelly or Nature’s Care Paw Paw Balm on your pulse points before spraying. 

Tweak #2: Don’t tap your wrists together after you’ve sprayed, as this will force the top notes to disappear way faster than intended. Instead, take the time to spritz other key spots, including inside your elbows, on your midriff and behind your knees (it might sound weird, but these warm areas help to diffuse the fragrance across your entire body). 

Tweak #3: Make sure you’re storing your fragrance correctly. Heat, light and humidity are your favourite perfume’s worst enemies, breaking it down and ruining its staying power. Cool, dry spots (such as your bathroom vanity or make-up bag), on the other hand, will ensure it goes the distance.


There’s no doubt some foundations last longer than others (Rimmel London Lasting Finish 25 HR Foundation with Comfort Serum, to name one), but don’t toss that fade-prone foundation away just yet…

Tweak #1: Start using primer, if you’re not already. For dewier foundations, opt for one that works to control oil, such as jane iredale Absence Oil Control Primer, to prevent your ‘face’ from sliding away. 

Tweak #2: Any product that doesn’t make direct contact with your skin will slip off more easily, so don’t smear it on all at once. For heavier, nighttime coverage, apply a thin layer and wait two minutes for it to sink in. Then, apply a second layer to any areas that need extra coverage (think blemishes, redness and pigmentation). 

Tweak #3: A setting spray will help your foundation to stick, without making it look cakey. The best part? It takes about a nanosecond to apply. Try NYX Cosmetics Make Up Setting Spray, which comes in two formulas for either a matte or dewy finish. 

Straight hair 

You’ve splurged on a fancy hair straightener, only to find your hair’s returning to it’s kinky self just a couple of hours after you’ve used it. Here’s what to do…

Tweak #1: Before you start straightening, spritz your strands with a heat-protecting serum. This will speed up the task, while delivering a sleek, frizz-proof finish. Try Goldwell Straight Sleek Perfection, which is humidity-resistant for up to 24 hours.

Tweak #2: Even the best straighteners can’t tackle half your hair at once. Taking the time to separate your locks into small sections will ensure a smooth, long-lasting result. If, like me, you’ve got super thick strands, streamline the process with some dividing clips such as Freestyle Home Salon Control Clips (and remember, patience is a virtue).  

Tweak #3: Silk and straightened hair go together like strawberries and cream. For still-sleek strands the morning after, invest in some silk sheets (they’re also great for your skin, so it’s a win-win). Alternatively, cover your mane carefully with a silk scarf before you hit the hay. 

Fake tan

Your faux glow looked #flawless a couple of days ago, but now your pasty winter skin is already starting to peek through. Don’t panic…

Tweak #1: Repeat after me: “I will exfoliate before I tan.” Yes, it takes a bit of extra time, but an all-over body scrub will help to remove dead skin cells and product build-up, ensuring your self-tanner goes on evenly and stays put. 

Tweak #2: You won’t be able to avoid getting wet indefinitely, but you can control how you dry off. Rubbing your skin with a towel will cause your newfound glow to fade in a flash, so take care and gently pat it instead. It’s also best to wait a day before you shave – and be sure to use a sharp new razor, so you don’t strip away your tan along with the hairs. 

Tweak #3: A tan extender is a must-have for a long-lasting tan. Working to hydrate and illuminate your skin, it can also help to increase the tan (so you can build it up even more). Our members rate the Sunescape Hydrating Gradual Tan Extender and SunFX Body Lotion Tan Extender.

Do you have a hard time making your products go the distance? Do you have any other tips for making them last longer?

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