How-to: keep your breath fresh on the run


It’s 8:30am.  You’re supposed to be in a work meeting at nine and you’ve only just woken up! You jump into your dress and heels, slick your hair into a ponytail and throw on some lippie as you walk out the door. Phew!
There’s just one little thing… You forgot to brush your teeth! Will they all notice? Will it ruin your presentation? Will you forever be known around the office as Bad-breath-Betty? Here’s how to stay calm – and more importantly, fresh – under pressure…

Be prepared
Bad breath emergencies happen and when they do, you need to be prepared, so pack a cute purse-sized tin of breath mints in your bag or a mini breath spray as a quick fix bad breath cure for when you’re short on time.

Ok, it’s too late – you’re in the meeting and you didn’t have time to brush or pop a mint – so what can you do? Drink up! Swirling and swallowing water is a great bad breath cure as it gets the stagnant saliva build-up from the night before moving, helping to eliminate the unpleasant smell associated with it.

Sneak the salt
If you’re stuck at the dinner table with bad breath you can use your resources – and grab some salt! Gargling salt and water is a highly effective way to neutralise bad smells lurking in your mouth and get fresh breath fast.

Eat an apple
No time to brush? Grab an apple as you walk out the door and chomp on it on the ride to work. Apples freshen the breath and chewing loosens stagnant saliva and any residual food from last night’s dinner that may cause bad breath.

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