6 steps to sexy legs


Nothing screams ‘sexy’ like a thigh-high slit or leggy dress. But the key to pulling off either comes down to the legs. So if you want to look steaming hot (even in winter), don’t forget to prep your pins.

#1 Extra careful hair removal

It doesn’t matter whether you wax, shave or use an epilator, the knees and ankles are always the trickiest. Take extra time and care in these areas to avoid ending up with cuts or missed patches. It’s also easier to do the top of the knee with the leg bent and the skin taut. Hair removal should never be rushed if you’re after flawless results.

#2  Exfoliate

Buff away any scaly skin using an invigorating body scrub and an exfoliating glove. This will also help in the long-term to promote new skin cell growth and prevent ingrown hairs. Use gentle, circular motions, starting at the ankle and working your way up.

#3 Tan

You’d be amazed at the difference a little colour makes. Apply a self-tan using an applicator mitt for a streak-free golden glow. Use the residue on the mitt to run over your ankles and feet so the colour blends nicely and doesn’t abruptly stop at the end of your leg.

#4 Moisturise

Yes, we know, moisturising every day is a bit of a chore, but it really is essential for smooth, sexy legs. And being lazy is no longer an excuse, now that Vaseline Intensive Care Spray Moisturiser has hit the shelves.

Honestly, smooth and healthy looking skin has never been so easy. The convenient spray-on lotion deeply absorbs and hydrates the skin before you even have time to think about it. All you have to do is spray it on and rub it in.

The best bit? Even those hard-to-reach places (anybody else strain a muscle trying to get to the back of the ankle?) can’t escape the spray function, so you know you’re covered. Plus, there are four products to choose from:

Cocoa Glow contains pure cocoa extract to promote skin’s natural glow, while Aloe Soothe is great for soothing dry, irritated skin. Deep Restore features pure oat extract to repair the skin and leave it feeling soft. And for those of you with extra dry, sensitive – or if you’re after something fragrance free – there’s the new Advanced Strength variant.

So, even if you’re running super late for your date, this is the one step you’ll want to – and be able to – make time for.

#5 Add some shimmer

Now that the skin on your legs is hair-free, smooth and moisturised, you can make them really shine by adding a touch of shimmer. Simply dust a small amount of loose shimmer powder down the front of your calves. This will draw attention to your pins and give them a lengthy appearance. Winning!

#6 Wear a nude heel

For ‘legs that go for days’, you don’t have to wear the highest heels you can find. Nude heels work wonders at making your legs appear longer. Plus, they go with practically every outfit!

Have you tried the Vaseline Moisture Spray? How do you prep for a special occasion?

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