How-to: get rid of garlic breath


So you’ve just had an incredibly romantic dinner with your date. The lighting in the restaurant made your skin look amazing and that luxurious mascara you splurged on has done wonders for your peepers. Now it’s time for him to walk you home and maybe (hopefully!) lock lips. There’s just one problem. The garlic bread you gorged on at the restaurant is still hanging around – on your breath!

Nothing repels men, animals and small children more than a nasty whiff of garlic breath. It’s enough to make you hurl! If you’ve overindulged on some garlic laden food, here’s how to kick that stinky stench to the curb…

Chew on fresh parsley
If you’ve just downed a plate of garlicky pasta and there’s a garnish of parsley left on the side of your plate – eat it. Chewing parsley is proven to be one of the most effective ways to get rid of garlic breath.

Drink milk
Where possible, opt for the full fat kind. Milk has been known to neutralise odours and flavours in the mouth, so order a coffee after that garlic lamb – an extra milky one at that!

Spray it
Invest in a purse-sized breath spray for your clutch for future garlic emergencies then sneak into the bathroom after dinner to spray the garlic away. Just be sure to eat something creamy afterwards, so you don’t taste like you just ate a tube of toothpaste when he kisses you!

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