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There’s no denying gel manicures have completely revolutionised the nail industry. These days, if you want to rock a colour for two straight weeks without worrying about chipping or getting acrylics (which can be costly and more taxing on nails), then it’s as easy as stepping into your nearest salon.

But what happens if you go from one gel manicure to the next (or even constantly have acrylics applied) without a break in between? Sure, your nails look glossy and healthy on the surface, but what’s happening underneath is something to worry about.

The constant process of applying gel polish, soaking your digits in acetone, scraping off the remnants and starting again can take a toll on your nails, and when you do take a break, you may notice things like peeling, flaking and a complete loss of nail strength.

Instead of trying to pretend like these issues don’t exist and covering the evidence with another pretty gel manicure, try these nail strengthening tips:


Nail strengthening treatments are formulated to completely transform weak, soft and split nails into something you can be proud of. And as skeptical as you may be, some nail strengtheners on the market do work. Revitanail Nail Strengthener, which beautyheaven members can vouch for, delivers serious results.
So how does it work? It’s no instant fix, but with a bit of patience, you’ll be pleased with the outcome. Simply apply two coats on clean nails on the first day of use, and then just one coat for the next five days. On the seventh day, clean your nails with nail polish remover and start again. Keep going for a 28-day period, making sure to give your nails a rest for 1-2 weeks in between programs.


If you really want the best possible results, put Revitanail Nourishing Oil on your cuticles after you’ve applied the Nail Strengthener and allowed it to dry. Massage the nourishing formula into the cuticles and bases of your nails for approximately 1 minute – doing this will encourage nail growth and leave nails stronger. Nourishing Oil is also to be used during the 1-2 weeks rest period.


After seven days of using the Revitanail Nail Strengthener, you’ll have to take it off with some nail polish remover. It’s a clever idea to steer clear of acetone and harsh removers as they can undo all the effort you’ve put into caring for your nails. Instead, use something more gentle. Revitanail Nail Polish Remover is free from acetone and contains nourishing ingredients like vitamin B5 and pearl powder, so it won’t dry out your nails after it effectively removes any polish.

Do you go from gel manicure to gel manicure? How do you care for weak, soft nails?

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