How to fix dry cuticles

How to fix dry cuticles

Dry cuticles can take your nails from nice to nasty in a matter of days. When your cuticles are dry the nail area hardens and splits, forming unsightly and often painful hangnails.

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So what causes dry cuticles? According to Tracey Winder, National Trainer for Mavala, dry cuticles can form for a few reasons. “Seasonal changes, moisture-sapping activity like frequent water use and a failure to take care to treat the area,” can all cause your cuticles to dry, says Tracey.

We asked Tracey to share her cuticle maintenance programme to minimise the condition and fix dry cuticles for good.

Condition the cuticles

Apply a specific hand mask to exfoliate and soften cuticles, whilst taking away excess dry debris.

Apply a specific treatment product for cuticles

A nutritive cream and oil with rich ingredients like sunflower oil, sweet almond oil and olive oil to keeps cuticles supple and well hydrated. It’s best to massage cuticles with a firm rotating motion towards the heart, allowing the product to penetrate.

Intensive overnight treatment

Your cuticles will thank you for an intensive overnight rescue treatment, with hands soaked in a rich cream whilst wearing gloves.

On-the-go hydration

Keep a portable product in your handbag that can assist with daily dry conditions and serve as on on-the-go spot treatment.

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Do you have dry cuticles? What’s your favourite cuticle oil?

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