How to clean your nails properly

How to clean your nails properly

Our nails make more of an impression than you may think. 

And whether you’re someone who dabbles in the latest nail art trends, has a solid monthly appointment for SNS, or prefers an au naturale look, keeping them clean is a must.

After all, just like our hands, our nails can pick up a fair amount of grime and germs. Plus, nothing says ‘put together’ like a pair of prim and proper paws.

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Here’s how to clean nails properly…

Step 1: Nail scrub

If you want clean, lovely fingernails it’s an absolute must to invest in a good quality nail brush. A nail brush will scrub out the dirt from underneath your nails and attack those hard-to-reach areas where grime can build up. Always ensure you do a nail scrub in a well-lit room, using a solution of warm water and hand soap. To clean fingernails, start by scrubbing underneath your nails by holding the brush downwards and rubbing it back and forth gently, then move to the front of the nails, working in a circular buffing motion.

Step 2: Remove leftover polish

Wet a cotton pad with some nail polish remover and use it to remove any old nail polish that may still be hanging around on your nails. For really strong healthy fingernails, you should aim to give them a break from polish once every few weeks, or use a strengthening polish like Revitanail Triple Strength in between nail treatments. If you’re looking to remove a gel manicure, follow this step-by-step.

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Step3: Soak away the day

Treat your fingernails to a soak in a bath of water with a dash of antibacterial hand wash. Be sure to only soak your nails, not your entire hand – as the soap in the solution can dry your hands out if left to soak.

Top tip: If you’re experiencing a stubborn bit of dirt under the nail that a brush can’t reach, try also soaking your nails in a bowl of warm water with a tablespoon of bicarb soda, to coax the dirt out.

Step 4: Rinse and dry

After twenty minutes, rinse nails and hands under the tap, taking care to wash away all remaining hand soap before patting dry with a soft towel. Now you can give your nails a file as usual and, if not re-painting, finish with a clear protective coat of nail strengthener.

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  1. Like to keep my Nails Clean now with COVID-19 Hand Washing I am doing that all the time, also when I am preparing food like crumbing meat or making Meat Balls I wear Food Safe Latex Gloves.

  2. My nails have always grown long and healthily. When I was younger I would manicure them every week and keep them painted. Nowadays even though my nails still grow quickly I keep them shorter and natural looking. I always try to keep them clean and manicured.

  3. I have done this for years. I used to use a small nail brush but now keep it in my Weekend away/Holiday kit. I now use a much large brush from Kmart. I need to give my nails a serious deep clean after being out in the garden which has red dirt.

  4. Lately I’ve been cleaning my nails by scraping soap between the nail and finger, then washing my hands with soap and removing the excess bits of soap still lodged under my nails with a sharp knife. Then a final rinse.

  5. My nails can’t wait until the salons open again. But until then, I am eagerly awaiting a shipment of Zoya products. I’ve read really good things about them & the colours are divine, so hopefully they live up to the hype.

  6. The same story. My nails was in awful condition when the salons was closed because of lockdown. So I decided to help myself and have found solution for me. My mother (she’s a cosmetologist) recommended me collagen supplement, so I have found this website and about half a year I take collagen. Of course salons open now and my nails looks much much better, but collagen makes them harder and they grow better.

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