10 things you need to remove from your beauty bag

10 things you need to remove from your beauty bag

Keen to refresh your beauty game? Well, there’s just one thing holding you back: Your beauty bag (and all the excess cr*p it contains). 

From dirty tissues to broken eyeshadow, these are the things you need to eject from your stash, stat…

1.Old foundation and concealer

Check the expiry date on these make-up must-haves. If it’s expired, throw it out. If it’s still going strong, but is for winter (lighter shade, fuller coverage), put it in a drawer to reconsider in June. The same goes for anything else you won’t be using for months at a time!

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2.Dried-up mascara

We all have that one dried-up mascara that we hold on to in the hopes we can one day make it work. The reality? Unless you have luck with this mascara-reviving trick, the time has come to say bye-bye. No excuses. 

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3.Dirty sponges and brushes

… But don’t worry, they get to go back in. After you’ve washed them with a brush shampoo such as Manicare Cosmetic Brush Cleaner or Shu Uemura Brush Cleaner. Oh, and while you’re at it, set a reminder in your phone to wash them at least every three weeks in future. Trust me, the more you do it, the quicker and easier it gets. 

4.Dirty tissues/blotting papers/face wipes

Unlike your sponges and brushes, these bad boys are going straight in the bin. To stop you hoarding them again, replenish your supply: Wet Ones ® Be Fresh Original Value Bulk Pack contains 80 wipes, which means you’ll basically never run out. #Winning!

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5.Broken eyeshadow

How many times have you wiped shimmery eyeshadow off your moisturiser, contouring palette and/or toothbrush (the worst), only for it to magically spill inside your make-up bag once more? Don’t even get me started on the risk posed to your pristine party outfit. If you love the colour, filter the loose powder and broken bits into a screw lid container – try QVS 3 Travel Jars.

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6.Separated nail polish

Yes, it feels a bit funny to throw out half a bottle of nail polish – but if your go-to hue has separated and/or is starting to clump, it’s time to let it go. If you need a new signature colour, simply snap up one of these sexy summer shades. See, that wasn’t so hard, was it?

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7.Expired sunscreen

Chances are you’ve been stocking up on sunscreen over summer, but you should still check the expiry of your SPF every few weeks just to be safe. A lotion past its prime may have an unpleasant, grainy texture (making it super annoying to rub in) – not to mention put you at risk of serious sunburn.

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8.Old toothbrush

How long has that back-up toothbrush really been there? Unless it has its own container, it’s probably been rolling around in your aforementioned loose make-up and dirty tissues for months. This isn’t just a hygiene issue, though – those frayed bristles aren’t exactly effective for cleaning your teeth, either. Get rid of it.      

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9.Miscellaneous wrappers/rubbish

Tampon/pad wrappers, used skin care samples, lids from long-gone products, eyeliner pencil shavings, broken nail files – all of these have got to go. ‘Nuff said. 

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10. Unused hotel amenities

I’m completely guilty of this one: Hoarding hotel amenities (particularly mini shampoo and conditioner sets) as if they’re precious gems. The reality? You’re unlikely to actually use them unless you go travelling again, so keep them in a separate draw to pilfer from when your next holiday comes around.  

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When did you last clean out your beauty kit? Are you big on keeping it neat and tidy, or is your haul more haphazard? 

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