How-to: Chanel-esque Olympic-inspired nails


It feels ridiculously wrong to be writing this, but I’m today I’m suggesting you mess with the sacred two-toned metallic silver and pink nail art seen at the Chanel Haute Couture Fall 2012 runway show in Paris last month. Yes, tampering with the beauty vision of a brand that’s known for setting worldwide nail trends is somewhat dangerous, but it’s all a part of embracing the Olympics Games and channelling your Aussie sporting spirit, I say.

So, in an effort to use your digits as a cheering instrument, I’m urging you all to copy this delightful two-toned metallic gold and green nail art look…

STEP 1: Apply a base coat to your nails. Doing so will protect your nails from turning yellow, while making the colour stay put and preventing chipping, too. We used: ORLY Bonder.

STEP 2: Take a metallic gold nail polish, and apply a generous coat of colour to each nail. Make sure you take the colour right down to your cuticles, as this will enhance the finished effect. Keep it to one coat, too – a double layer of metallic nail polish will be too thick for this look. We used: NYC Colour in Gold Coin.

STEP 3: Using a green nail polish hue, paint two or three vertical lines down the centre of each nail, leaving a gap of metallic gold nail lacquer to poke through at the base of the nail and on each side. Reapply the colour to each nail until the green is a solid colour. We used: Revlon Classic Nail Enamel in Sassy.

STEP 4: Allow your nails to dry completely before using a high-shine topcoat to help seal in all your hard Olympic-inspired nail art work. We used: ORLY Glosser.

Note: We used more of a lime green hue for our creation, but don’t be afraid to use a true dark bottle green if you wish to stay completely true to the Australia Olympic team colours.

OTHER FUN AUSSIE NAIL ART IDEAS: Not sure if this look is for you? Why not try a green coloured base with a coat of sparkly gold lacquer over the top? Or, you could jump on the Australian flag bandwagon and create stripes of red, white and blue. Go on… it’d be un-Australian not to.

What do you think of this Olympic-esque nail art look inspired by Chanel? Is it something you’d wear? And are you as addicted to watching the Olympic Games as I am?

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