How-to: avoid gum damage


Ouch! Gum damage hurts – a lot! Appearing as inflamed, bleeding gums that are sore to brush, gum damage can ruin an otherwise flawless smile.
But you brush everyday – and you’re practically a mouthwash addict! So why are you still spitting blood into the sink every time you scrub your teeth? You may be surprised to learn what’s behind your gum damage…

Floss neglecting
Flossing daily is vital to preventing gum damage and sore gums – yes, even if you’re using mouthwash! Flossing removes built-up plaque between the teeth that mouthwash and brushing won’t budge. If plaque between teeth is left to it’s own devices, it can build up at a rapid rate, leading to increased bacteria in the mouth, which makes your mouth the ideal environment for gum infections like gingivitis.

Obsessive whitening
If you’re a teeth-whitening nut, you could be inadvertently sabotaging your gums. Whitening trays left in the mouth for longer than the recommended time will start to attack the delicate skin on your gums, causing inflammation and bleeding. Avoid going OTT on the tooth whitener by sticking to the instructions and you’ll notice an instant improvement in your gum health.

While you may think that brushing your teeth after every meal is virtuous, it can often have negative consequences. Excessive teeth brushing can start to wear away the fragile skin on your gums, leading to gum damage. A toothbrush that is too hard can also be a primary culprit. If your gums are starting to look inflamed and brushing is becoming a painful experience, try swapping your usual brush for one with soft bristles and drop back to brushing twice a day to give your gums a break to heal.

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