5 reasons your tan isn’t right for you

5 reasons your tan isn’t right for you

Finding your one and only can be a challenge – with many common mistakes made along the way – but sometimes you just need to try something new. This is certainly true of your relationship with fake tan. All self-professed tanaholics know that finding the best type of fake tan can be a rollercoaster ride of new discoveries and passionate love affairs. If you need a little help deciding whether it’s time for a new fake-tan romance, here are five good reasons, just in time for some summer lovin’…

Reason #1: Your man thinks you smell

Ain’t nobody got time for fake-tan stank, am I right? If you have to pile on the deodorant, spritz multiple perfumes and use air fresheners in every room of your house to hide that telltale tan odour, then it’s time you had ‘the talk’ with your tan. Considering summer is fast approaching and bringing all of the humidity with it, the time is ripe (excuse the pun) to find a tan that masks that DHA smell.

Reason #2: Your sheets are stained

Chrissy Teigen, the woman of the people, recently shared a hilarious and totally accurate image of what it’s like when you have to sleep in your fake tan, for it to develop overnight. Not exactly a pretty picture, but something we’ve all experienced when it comes to overnight tans. If you’re sick of constantly washing your bed sheets and dealing with the unsightly stains, upgrade to a formula that develops fast – so you can avoid having to sleep in it!

Reason #3: You look like a patchwork quilt

An uneven tan can take you from fab to totally drab for a number of reasons. The first is failing to prepare – if you don’t thoroughly exfoliate the skin before tanning, you’re just asking for a disaster! The same goes for moisturising dry areas (like knees, ankles and elbows). If you’re doing all these things, like the seasoned tanning pro you are, and you still end up looking like you applied your tan wearing a blindfold, then it might be time for a new partner in tanning.

Reason #4: You stick to everything

The couch, the car seat, anyone and anything that you touch – waiting for fake tan to dry means stick-city and will have you scuttling around like a crab to avoid contact between you and those around you. If you find yourself doing a crustacean-like crawl (often in the nude) after you’ve applied your tan, then it’s time to end that relationship. Look for a new formula that dries in a jiffy so you can move, sit, touch and do whatever you wish, minutes after application (otherwise known as living the dream).

Reason #5: You found something better

As a beauty editor, I’ve tried a HEAP of different tans and time and time again, I’ll break up with my current bronzing boyfriend when a newer, more sophisticated version comes along that caters to more of my needs. Enter Rimmel London’s Sun Shimmer Self Tan Mousse. It ticks all the right boxes – dries in just two minutes, develops in one hour (goodbye stained sheets!) and contains a green-based oil-enhanced formula that moisturises skin for an even, natural tan. Wanna know the kicker? It doesn’t smell like fake tan. I’m ready for my summer fling!

Do you think it’s time for a fresh start this summer?

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