Road-tested: Milky Foot Active Pads

Road-tested: Milky Foot Active Pads

WARNING: This video is not for feet-haters. But if you’ve been suffering from rough, dry heels or rock-hard calluses, you’re definitely going to want to watch until the end.

Milky Foot is an at-home intense peeling treatment for feet. bh’s Laura kindly volunteered to try it, so you could see exactly how it works. As summer is just around the corner, it’s the ideal time to start prepping your feet (hello, sandal weather!) and Milky Foot is certainly one hard-working option.

But a picture (or in this case, a video) says a thousand words, so go on – watch it. Or, if you’re not that keen on surprises, you can scroll down at your own pace to see what happens below…

How to use Milky Foot Active Pads

#1 First, make sure your feet are clean and dry, as well as free of nail polish, moisturiser and fake tan.

#2 Cut along the dotted line of the foot pad and then place one on each foot.

#3 Leave on for 45-60 minutes, keeping your feet relaxed and flat on the ground so the product is covering your feet evenly. Once the time is up, remove your feet, rinse them in warm water and towel-dry them.

#4 Your feet will start peeling within 3-7 days and can peel for up to a week, but you shouldn’t feel any pain.

#5 Once the peeling starts, you can speed up the process by soaking your feet in warm water.

#6 As tempting as it might be, do not pull on the peeling skin – just let it fall off naturally.

#7 Also, this may sound gross, but it’s a good idea to wear socks to bed to catch the dead skin as it falls off overnight.

#8 Milky Foot is such an easy way to achieve smooth feet and you can repeat the process every two months.

#9 Laura used Milky Foot Active, which is specifically formulated for active people and has the added benefit of neutralising foot odour. There is also the original Milky Foot, which is available in regular and large sizes.

Do you suffer from dry or hard skin on your feet? Have you tried Milky Foot?

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