How do I deal with dry, scaly legs?

How do I deal with dry, scaly legs?

Q) “Spring sprang all of a sudden and my legs look like a mock croc purse. They are so dry and scaly and no amount of moisturiser seems to be helping. How do I get skirt-ready fast?” – Becky, VIC

A) We hear you, Becky. Everyone in beautyheaven has been surgically, not to mention emotionally, attached to tights since May. But now that we’re all peeling them off, here’s the plan…

Sexy legs SOS

1. Exfoliate first
This gets dead skin and surface flakes out of the way so moisturiser can soak into where it’s needed most. However, if your skin’s broken, skip the scrub and concentrate on healing first. We find Savlon (from $2.99) is great for both soothing and stopping anything nasty slipping through the cracks.

2. Avoid soap
Opt for a moisture-boosting body cleanser like Sebamed’s Anti Dry Derma-Soft Wash Emulsion ($24.12) instead. And remember to keep showers warm and quick long – hot ones just strip and dehydrate the skin.

3. Ditch perfumed and alcohol-soaked lotions
Look for ingredients like shea, cocoa butter or hyaluronic acid for maximum moisture content. Dermalogica’s Ultrarich Body Cream ($76) both quenches thirsty skin and helps repair barrier function to avoid moisture loss. Apply it straight after bathing while your skin is still slightly damp for extra effectiveness.

4. Give your legs a break
Tights or snug trousers won’t let salty perspiration escape, so rework your outfits until the scales disappear. And if you’re feeling itchy or irritated, think if a new washing powder could be responsible.

There. Smooth, showoffable legs in four simple steps. Add a sexy faux bronze and you’ll be working that new miniskirt in no time!

– Tracey, Editor

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