Hopelessly devoted to you

Hopelessly devoted to you

Goldie and Kurt. Sandy and Danny. Some romances are just built to last. And we know that nothing gets under your skin quite like a good beauty love.

While some products come and go, we’ve rounded up the modern day classics that will remain in our hearts (and beauty cabinets) for a long time to come. Because after all, what’s a girl without her beauty roots?

1. Olay Total Effects Cream (Gentle Formula)
The iconic brand launched this daily staple last year and we haven’t been able to part with it since. Loaded with super-savvy vitamins (quick run down: vitamin B3 which visibly reduces lines and wrinkles, pro vitamin B5 which smooths skin texture, vitamin E which evens skin tone and vitamin C which gives the skin a radiant glow), it’s the all-in-one wonder cream that we’re still pledging our allegiance to even if Olay are tempting us with the new Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream.

2. Bourjois 1 Seconde Nail Polish
One second, they said. Impossible, we said. But the clever boffins at Bourjois proved us wrong. A true lifesaver for women on the go, the panoramic brush coats the entire nail bed in one fail swoop, dries in one second and needs only one coat. Sensing a pattern? One love.

3.Covergirl TruBlend Luminous Blush
This shimmering beacon of hope for ladies that love a delicate hint of colour on their cheeks (but don’t want blush rush) wormed its way to the centre of our hearts and now we simply couldn’t survive without it. A dusting of the lustrous, fine-milled powder across your apples each morning grants you a subtle contour and brighter complexion.

4. Clinique Take the Day off Cleansing Milk
Take the day off? Don’t mind if we do! Perhaps this coveted cleanser is so named due to its ability to remove even the peskiest make-up hanger-ons? Or perhaps it’s the fact that the residue-free formula wipes away not only impurities but also the stresses of the day, to leave skin soft and smooth? Whatever the reason, we love it and we’re keeping it. And that’s final.

5.Max Factor Masterpiece MAX Mascara
Truly one of the best finds of 2008. A mascara that actually coats individual lashes and makes them stand to full attention is something worth holding on to. The high-tech IFX brush works to separate and add volume to even the stumpiest of lashes.

6. Joey New York Pure Pores Pore Minimizer Foundation
Ever felt as though your pores are modelling themselves on the Grand Canyon? Us too. Until we discovered that Joey New York had formulated a foundation using an exclusive formula of nettle, ginseng and cucumber to assist in our pore wars and prevent foundation from getting lost in pesky lines and wrinkles. All together now – WOW!

7. Johnson’s Holiday Skin Body Lotion with Aloe Vera
Fake it don’t bake it was the big trend of ’08 (very sensible in our old age aren’t we) and Johnson’s started it all with its Holiday Skin range. Being the organised ladies – oh okay, control freaks – that we are, we love the ability it grants us to control the depth of our glow (so Tandoori tan is off the menu). Enriched with the hydrating properties of aloe and glycerin, this gradual tanner screams Bondi chic all year round.

– Olivia Mackinnon 

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