The beauty job that pays $70,000 a year to test nail polish

The beauty job that pays $70,000 a year to test nail polish

Imagine getting paid more than $70,000 a year to experiment with nail polishes.

Sounds like a faraway dream, right?

Well, it’s actually not (if you live in the UK, that is). Brace yourself: British nail polish subscription service Nailbox is searching for nail testers to try and review 50 nail polishes and accessories every month.

Yep, you read that correctly. The successful applicant will be getting paid to keep their nails looking fabulous. 

For those who are interested (and aren’t depressed about their current living location), here’s what’s involved, according to Nailbox’s career site.

Each month, you’ll get a package including “top coats, base coats, treatments, the latest nail polishes, nail files, and foils” to test and photograph. 

According to the job ad, you’ll be “working” from home and “around your lifestyle”. You also need to “be genuinely interested in beauty and nails, have a critical eye, keep up with new fashion and be a trendsetter, have well maintained hands and nails, and understand basic photography.” 

I’m guessing more than a few of you fit that description!

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Speaking to Metro, Nailbox’s managing director said the ideal candidate would be “someone who takes good care of their appearance – and hands in particular.” 

“We need someone with genuine enthusiasm for beauty products, but [who] also has a critical eye and is able to distinguish the better products and colours. They need to have a good idea of what’s currently fashionable as well.”

As if the painting-my-nails-for-money deal didn’t sound great already, the website also stresses that testers should withdraw from all physical labour or household chores that might ruin their nails. 

So it’d actually be a part of your JOB to ditch housework. Love it. 

So now all we need is for an Australian nail company to put a similar ad out. 

When they do, you guys will be the first to know about it!

Does this sound like the best job ever? Would you love a career in the beauty industry, or is it more of a hobby? 

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