Here comes the sun

Here comes the sun

Hello spring! Yes, it’s nearly here and we’re excited. Oh, and slightly nervous since black opaques, patent pumps and polo necks have been in high rotation in the bh office.

In preparation for shrugging off your jacket without having to worry whether your pits are perfect and your arms smooth, join us for operation bare skin – the low-fuss, quick-sticks guide to getting into the swing of spring.

BTW, these steps just happen to be in the order for an overhaul if you’re feeling inspired. Otherwise, try at your leisure. And think of us when your skin glows.

Be buff

Loofas, scrubs, masks, gloves and natural bristle brushes: which is right for you? Well, depending on your skin type, you might want a couple for different areas. If you prefer a shower accessory over a smear-on product, natural fibre loofa sponges and brushes could be for you. Legs and back love a pre-shower brush towards the heart with Pola Body Brush. Dermalogica Exfoliating Body Scrub is gentle enough for upper arms (bye bye, white bumps) while being capable of smoothing dangerously dry areas like elbows. And for maximum buffing power? Try combining gloves or a loofa sponge with foaming exfoliant daily. Algoane Foaming Body Exfoliator smells like the sea.

Close shave

Ok, you probably have your own routine sorted but in case you’re caught out between waxing appointments or are dithering over whether to try laser, it pays to have something on hand at home to deal with wayward spikes. Like a box-fresh razor. Enter the Gillette Venus Divine, designed for sensitive skin. Try it with Trishave 3in1 Shave Crème For Women. Not only does this trusty pink tube of cream make instant hair removal safer and easier, it contains anti-inflammatory tea tree oil which happens to be a proven ingrown-hair fighter. We’ve given this one a gold star.

Foot note

We’re not going to tell you how to paint your nails (although sitting on steps does help, strangely). Rather, how to address the hard skin that seems to build up on feet during winter when they’re hidden away in boots. Even if you’re having regular professional pedicures, keeping feet buffed and moisturised in between is essential. Burt’s Bees Foot Care Kit comes with a pumice stone, Coconut Foot Crème and a pair of yellow socks to help lock in that moisture dose overnight. More serious hardening on the heels can be tempered with QV Feet Heel Balm which contains sodium lactate and lactic acid to send moisture levels sky-high. Any skin which can’t be softened by moisturising can be gently buffed away with a pedi-paddle. CND Creative Nail Design Spa Callus Smoother is easy to use and clean. 

Bronze up

Of course the quickest way to conjure up limbs worth baring is with a gradual tanner. Here at bh we use them year round to ward off pasty pale skin and the effort required is minimal: just a quick buff in the shower with Manicare Exfoliating Gloves is all it takes to prepare your skin.  Start now with Dove Summer Glow Body Lotion and you’ll be glowing with golden goodness by the weekend since the nourishing formula develops a deep colour within three to six days.

If you’ve never used a gradual self-tan before you’re in for a treat. They’re much easier to apply than a once-off tanner and therefore kinder to pale winter skin. Remember you can keep applying until you reach the desired level of tan then alternate daily with your regular body moisturiser to maintain that colour. Oh, and streaking is far less likely even if you rush. As well as the ingredient DHA tanning buffs will know gives colour, Dove Summer Glow Body Lotion has erythrulose to prevent streaking. Too easy.

Skin soother

Whether you’re intent on maintaining your self-tan or just want touch-me-now smoothness, make moisturiser part of your morning MO. But which type? Be Genki Vitality Body Oil takes the natural approach for a lightweight hydrator that’s quick to apply on damp skin. And skin that’s crying out for a major quenching will adore Clinique Deep Comfort Body Butter. The giant tub makes it easy to dip in and apply all over. We also heart Dove Body Silk for the same reasons. Just dip in, slather and go.

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