Handy helpers

Handy helpers

Winter has hit much of Australia with force and boy, do my hands know it. The visible dehydration is almost enough to send me shopping for a pair of those elbow-length leather gloves that everyone from Country Road to Burberry is selling this season.

Almost. You see I’ve made a serious commitment to some intensive hand care before resorting to the gloves.

It’s lashings of cream at least three times a day for me. More if possible. And I’m lucky enough to be in the perfect position to test-drive some of the best potions around so if you’re experiencing dry hands too, you’ll know which to reach for.

Inside my handbag is Jurlique’s super-rich, super-fragrant Lavender Hand Cream. It’s slightly greasy but powerful stuff that I’m going to try to remember to use whenever I catch a cab. You see, the essential oils release a pretty scent as well that renders the usual eau de taxi extinct.

On my desk, meanwhile, is the new Nivea Hand SOS Intensive Balm which contains co-enzyme A to help reduce inflammation so it’s instantly soothing. Again, quite heavy but intense.  And a little goes a long way.

Hiding hand creams in various spots is the very best way for me to actually use them (before they expire at the back of the bathroom cabinet) so on my bedside table I’ve placed a tube of Aveda Hand Relief. Not only is it quickly absorbed but the relaxing aroma makes the experience something of an indulgence at the end of the day.  It’s great on elbows and ankles as well.

Just a couple of days in to my new regime, it’s definitely working. The backs of my hands look smoother and my cuticles are less obvious. Even my bare nails look shinier.

How to celebrate? With a manicure of course. And bright red polish.

What’s your best trick for keeping hands super soft?

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