How to use wax strips for top-to-toe hair removal

How to use wax strips for top-to-toe hair removal

Summer is almost here which means all those fun, flirty dresses and skirts you’ve had stowed in the back of your wardrobe can finally re-emerge into the sunshine. But with all that extra skin on show, it’s time to start considering your hair removal options. Now I’m all about choosing what works for you, but if you’re on the fence about what method to use this summer, might I suggest the humble at-home waxing kit.

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Yes, you might be firmly attached to your razor, your epilator or your local beauty therapist, but doing your own hair removal at home with waxing strips has never been simpler. In fact, thanks to the quality formulas and easy-to-use wax kits that now exist in the beauty market, you can use wax strips for hair removal on your entire body.

To herald in the party season and welcome the upcoming hot weather, we’re going to show you how to use wax strips for top-to-toe hair removal. Break out those shorter hemlines!


Getting hair-free on your face is no longer just a salon job. Now you can wax everything from your brows to your upper lip and all the fuzzy areas in between. The trick is to find the right strips that fit your designated area.

Eyebrows – It’s time to get those arches in shape. Look for wax kits that come with handy applicators that allow for precise application.

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Upper lip – Dealing with a bit of a ‘stache? Most of us are, but some of us have darker hair in this area than others. If you want to remove yours, find strips that fit snugly under your nose to allow full removal of the fuzz.

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Cheeks and chin – These areas of the face can particularly sensitive to wax, so it’s important to use the a gentle formula that doesn’t sacrifice effective hair removal.

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Arms and underarms

Not everyone feels the need to wax their underarms, but there’s no arguing that it makes things 10x easier during the warmer seasons. If you’re looking to cut down on your underarm shaving this year, try waxing at home for a longer-lasting option. And while arm hair isn’t a bother for everyone, there are those of us who love to keep them hair-free. If you’re one of them, try using wax strips to get smooth from the comfort of your own home.

Arms – Look out for formulas with moisturising properties to keep the arm area smooth, soft and hair-free. Strips that are specially designed for larger areas of the body will also make the waxing process easier.

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Underarms – The skin underneath your arms can be quite delicate, so it’s important to treat it well. Choose a wax kit that helps to soothe the skin after removing the hair to keep your underarms happy.

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Everyone’s encountered that feeling of panic at the suggestion of an impromptu trip to the beach.  But rather than uttering the obvious response of “Um, I’m not… ready yet…” (like I do every year), this summer you’re going to be fully prepared and ready to hit the beach at the drop of a hat by waxing your bikini area at home. Not only does it get rid of all that pre-bikini-wax anxiety, it also allows you to do touch ups in the area whenever you need it – so you won’t freak out if your local endota spa waxing specialist is booked out. Select a kit that helps you get into all those hard to reach spots.

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The most common area for hair removal, the legs can be a pain to deal with in the warmer weather. Shaving every other day to keep them smooth and fuzz-free can take up a lot of time, especially when it comes to the constant events of the party season. Combat this by switching to waxing for a longer-lasting result that can actually help to reduce hair growth over time.

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Do you use wax strips at home? How will you be getting hair-free for summer?

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