Hair removal in minutes


When the silly season hits, I often get so caught up in all the socialising that I seem to forget one very important fact – hair doesn’t stop growing just because you’re going out more! Which ultimately leads to more than one mad-frantic search for a super-speedy hair removal method after I’ve happened a glance at my legs a mere five minutes before I’m meant to head out the door.

If this situation sounds familiar to you, you’ll need to get familiar with a few quick and easy fuzz-removal methods (I mean it’s not like we’re going to remember to plan ahead is it?). Here are just a few quick and easy ways to ensure your legs look hair-free in minutes…

Don’t suffer from unsightly shaving cuts and rashes (you might as well just sport hairy legs instead!). Watch our vid to find out our top tips for the smoothest shave ever and to see how you should really be shaving…

Need to de-fuzz on the run? This cute and quirky gadget can fit in your handbag and will have you hair-free in minutes

Don’t want to shave but haven’t booked a wax appointment? Opt for a depilatory cream instead – it dissolves the hair from just under the skin’s surface so won’t grow back as fast. Try:Veet In-Shower Hair Removal Cream if you’re pushed for time, or Nad’s Moisturising Hair Removal Cream if you’ve got a bit of extra time up your sleeve.

Have you ever needed hair removal in minutes (like when you look down and realise you’ve got the hairiest legs EVER!)?

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