Waxing lyrical

Waxing lyrical

 Holidays. I love them and I loathe them. Allow me to explain…

I LOVE the sunshine, the lazy beach walks, the sneaky Pimms or pina colada. But I HATE (with the kind of passion that I would only reserve for say, opting to poke myself in the eye) the whole body overhaul that goes with preparing for it – I’m not talking about the dry body brushing – I see that as more a luxury, not something that one has to do – like, say, the removal of body hair.

It’s not that I have a strong desire to return to the carefree days of the ‘60s and embrace my ‘natural’ self – I don’t. It’s just that I absolutely hate the constant battle that I have with my body hair.

See we have a very trying relationship that leads me to being insanely jealous of anyone that doesn’t have to shave their legs everyday, or every other day for that matter. Don’t even get me started on those that “couldn’t possibly” try waxing – no one wants to try waxing – it is a sad necessity that has amazing results but really, really hurts (and if there are any boys still reading at this point – I am not a wuss, my sister used to administer the harshest Chinese burns that I took, watering eyes and all). At least it did, until I discovered emla®.

Yes there is a point to this update (apart from my venting) it’s to urge others out there in my predicament to try emla® before waxing, IPL, laser, even botox if that floats your boat. It’s the world’s most widely used local anaesthetic cream and helps to numb and minimise the pain so now I won’t have to chew your ear off about the perils of waxing again.


Do you have a love/hate relationship with summer prep?

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