Gilt factor

Gilt factor

As yesterday’s post was all about the beauty habits we’ve resolved to give up, it’s only right that today’s should focus on fabulous little indulgences that we can’t get enough of (it’s a critical yin and yang balance thing). And with the weekend in the wings, it should be suitably celebratory.

So I’m thinking all that glimmers, completely gratuitously, with gold…

When I say ‘completely gratuitously’, I mean almost completely. It turns out gold is truly good for a girl. According to ancient apothecaries, the most covetable of all precious metals is a brilliant tonic for healing damaged skin (the Romans slapped gold salves on everything from ulcers to wrinkles), comforting the complexion and speeding up cell regeneration. And even modern medicine uses it in some treatments for cancer.

No further excuse required to treat yourself to the very divine Linden Leaves Gold line, then. My picks of the shiny bunch are the witch hazel and avocado-infused Gold Mist ($34.95), the wickedly indulgent Gold Salt ($34.95) for baths, the fruit and flower oil-infused Gold Oil ($49.95) and the Gold Shimmer Dust ($34.95), all of which all glisten with genuine 23 karat flakes.

When it comes to a faux glow, everyone from J.Lo to the glamorous girl next door uses Body Bling ($82) by celebrity make-up artist Scott Barnes to give their skin the Midas touch. And we hear that Era Glaze by Classified Cosmetics ($52) is responsible for the so-sexy shimmer of Rhianna’s skin in her S.O.S video.

My shiny little extravagance is Les Mythiques Fluide De Beauté 14 Paillete from Carita ($160). Scoff at the expense if you must, but it’s my passport to Parisian luxury, makes my skin twinkle like the Eiffel Tower in fairy lights, smells pretty and even gives gloss to hair. I swear it’s worth every cent. Especially if you can wangle it as a Christmas gift.

Not that glisten needs to be exy to be sexy. The super fine silver and gold flecks in Natio’s Body Shimmer Brush ($17.95) leave you looking far more radiantly expensive than its tiny price tag and, for my money, the best, most moisturising gleam cream for your budget is Nivea Body Radiant Care($6.50).

Here’s to a gorgeously golden summer, girls!

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