Good as gold

Good as gold

All that glitters is not gold. Sometimes it’s just a painted piece of tin, sometimes it’s at least a super polished copper that you can pass off pretty convincingly until it starts to turn your finger green. But this stuff is the real deal: Gold Oil by Linden Leaves

Flower and plant essences infused with pure flakes of 24 karat gold, this wickedly luxurious body oil is even scented with lush vanilla. You can add it to the bath and play out a spoiled princess moment, but I prefer to massage it on before a night on the tiles for an expensive-looking gleam that smells good enough to steal. And I really like how it glimmers in my bath rack like a jewel. If you ever feel inspired to pimp your bathroom, this baby is your gold pass to fabulous.

But it’s not just about having the most blinging bod and bathroom on the block; I love this little beauty most because it backs up my long-held theory that pretty, shiny things are actually good for a girl. According to ancient apothecaries, the most covetable of all precious metals is a brilliant tonic for healing damaged skin (they say the Ancient Romans used gold salves to treat everything from skin ulcers to wrinkles), comforting the complexion and speeding up cell regeneration. And even modern science uses it in some medical treatments for cancer.

Plus it looks hot, damn hot. In fact, I think a little splash of Gold Oil here and there will be perfect for beautyheaven to wear to Mariah Carey’s fragrance launch tonight. The invitation did call the dress code glamorous. More on that tomorrow…

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