How To Get Rid Of Dry, Scaly Legs In Time For Summer


When it comes to our beauty routines in winter, it’s often a case of ‘out of sight, out of mind’. And while that’s all well and good while we’re rugged up in our robes on the sofa, it also means we can be very easily caught out when a sunny day decides to launch a sneak attack.

So if you haven’t seen what’s lurking underneath your loungewear in a while, it might be time to check in on your legs. 

More often than not, the combination of scorching hot showers and skipping the crucial body moisturising step (because in winter the goal is always to get dressed ASAP) will have resulted in some dry, scaly (and potentially even flaky) skin.

Depending on your level of leg dehydration, your best bet is to undergo a few weeks of skin rehab to ensure your legs are back to their silky smooth selves by summer. The good news? By starting now these small tweaks will make a big difference with time to spare.

Step 1. Exfoliate with a scrub

A good place to start? Shedding that dead skin. Go with a body scrub that’s got a buttery or oily base so that you’re adding moisture into the skin as you buff, like the Trilogy Exfoliating Body Balm ($22 at Chemist Warehouse) or L’OCCITANE Almond Shower Scrub ($35 at Adore Beauty). They both have a grainy texture that’ll leave skin prepped and ready for a hit of post-shower hydration.

Step 2. Try a fast-drying body oil

No patience for creams that take forever to absorb? Try switching to body oil. Even better, try the new Aveeno Daily Moisturising Oil Mist ($11.69 at Chemist Warehouse) for smoother, softer, more even skin from day one. The light, fast-absorbing, dry-touch mist is not only a breeze to apply, but it allows you to dress quickly after application, so you’ll have no excuse for skipping this step anymore. The formula contains ingredients sourced from nature such as oat, soybean and jojoba oil, which conditions dry, rough skin for hydration that lasts all day long. Hold the grease.

Step 3. Give dry body brushing a go

While a good go at your legs with a scrub every 3-4 days will be enough to keep dead skin at bay, adding dry body brushing into your daily routine will help increase circulation and stimulate collagen for less dead skin in the long run. If your legs are chronically dry, it may be the extra step your routine is missing. With a brush like the Bodecare Detox Dry Body Brush ($43 at, start from the feet and work your way upwards to the top of the thigh using gentle circular motions.

Step 4. Choose sensitive skin-friendly lotions

If you’re a lover of lotions, choose one that’s not only packed with nourishing ingredients but one that is gentle enough for your dry, sensitive skin. The new Aveeno Daily Moisture Creamy Oil ($8.99 at Chemist Warehouse) is suitable for sensitive skin and contains sweet almond oil and naturally-derived oats to help lock in moisture. It’s been clinically proven to soften and smooth skin, and despite being more creamy in texture than the oil, is still fast absorbing with a non-greasy finish. So you can take your pick from Aveeno’s new hydrating heroes, or use the oil for morning and the lotion for night. Either way, your legs will love you for it.

Step 5. Switch up your body wash

Don’t let your body wash be the product that undoes all your hard work. In fact, the in-shower sidekick is another great place to reap the benefits of hydrating oils, with formulas like Essano Adore Rosehip Oil Body Wash ($6.99 at Chemist Warehouse) and Nutrimetics Nutri-Rich Shower Oil ($45 at Look for washes that are also soap and sulphate-free if you’re experiencing the dreaded tight skin feeling post-shower. It’ll not only be better for your legs but your whole body.

Step 6. Shave smart or not at all

If you’re going to incorporate hair removal into your leg rehab routine, now is also a great time to look at long-term options like waxing and at-home IPL to reap the silky, smooth results for longer. However, if you prefer to stick to shaving, just ensure you’re using a shaving cream like the TriShave 3in1 Shave Crème For Women ($6.50 at Woolworths) to provide a barrier between your skin and the razor to avoid a drying effect.

Do you experience dry legs? What’s your fail-safe remedy?

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  1. Trilogy Exfoliating Body Balm is my go-to. Highly recommend it. Natural and non-abrasive. Once you rinse it off, there is residue that makes for a nice body oil that you rub in.

  2. I moisturise my body after my shower and definitely notice that when I’m too lazy to do so, my shins get really scaly. They also feel irritated if I don’t moisturise. It’s like a silent cry for a drink! So moisturiser is a must for me.

  3. Really do need to pay some attention to getting a body exfoliating scrub and dry brushing, have increased the amount of Moisturiser I am using on my legs and body. Summer will also make my legs dry out, don’t forget to also moisturize the back of your legs going to your buttocks.
    Such Wonderful Advice! 💐

  4. I was on holiday in the NT during Aug/Sept and oh my did my hands and legs get dry and scaly. I only noticed once it happened and then had a problem getting them okay again.

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