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Hands up if you know at least one person who plagues you with their ‘death breath’? When they get close, your first instinct is to run a mile (or throw a packet of chewing gum their way), but how do you let them know they have bad breath?

Unless you know them really well it’s a pretty tough one – something we’re not even sure how to answer (maybe you can just send them a link to this story?). What we can help you with though are a couple of quick and easy ways to make sure your breath stays fresh all day.


Here’s a solution that gets rid of the bacteria that causes bad breath in the first place. Choose a mouthwash that fights halitosis (the official name for bad breath) as well as protects your mouth and teeth against other problems such as gingivitis (inflammation of the gums). We like: Listerine Zero, and Colgate Plax Overnight.

Breath Spray

These sprays – like Cedel’s Fresh Breath Spray – are great when you’ve had too much garlic or onion in your meal as they work to mask the bad smell. A couple of spritzes into your mouth (avoid spraying directly on your tongue) will keep your mouth feeling fresh and any bad breath at bay. Just remember though, while it can disguise bad smells, it won’t directly treat the cause of your bad breath if it’s bacteria-based.

Have you ever told anyone they have bad breath? What do you do to ensure your breath always smells fresh?

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  1. I bought these cute little toothbrushes from Colgate called ‘Wisp’. They came in a pack of 4. They’re perefect for travel. I used mine onboard a flight to the Philippines. The great thing is that you don’t need to rinse with water and they really freshen your breath and clean your teeth.

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