5 things that are wrong with your feet


Unless you’re booking in for weekly pedicures (and even then, there’s no guarantee), your feet are probably not getting the proper care they deserve. You may be diligent with painting your toenails to keep them pretty, but you could be neglecting your feet in other ways…

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#1 You’re trimming, but not filing

Unless you’re going for a Guinness World Record for the longest toenails, I’ll assume you’re all trimming frequently. Even with the best precision scissors and clippers, there’s bound to be some jagged edges. This may not bother you, but it’s not so great for your partner when they get scratched in bed. So next time you trim, finish with a quick file for a smoother finish. If, like us, you’re a sucker for multi-tasking products, use the QVS Toenail Clippers Straight Blade – it comes with a fold-out file.

#2 You’re not moisturising your feet

When moisturising, most of us are guilty of stopping at the ankles. But the skin on our feet needs hydration just as much, especially if you’re a bit of a barefoot bandit. Our advice? Coax your partner into giving you a foot rub with a rich cream every now and then! If your heels are in need of extra TLC, slather them in cream and pop on some socks before bed. You’ll wake up with much softer and smoother feet.

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Left to right: Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Foot MagicDermal Therapy™ Heel BalmBio Sculpture Heel BalmNutri-Synergy Heel BalmScholl Velvet Smooth Essential Moisture Cream

#3 They smell, more than a little bit

Scared to take off your shoes in public? There are a few things you could be doing wrong. Walking around sans socks is usually to blame, as is not towelling off properly before putting shoes on. Also, some people just have sweaty feet. Whatever the cause, don’t let your smelly feet get the better of you! Pop theFootcare Odour Stop Everyday Insoles into your shoes to absorb perspiration and remove odour-causing bacteria.

#4 They’re noticeably hairy

Because your feet are a long way from your eyes, you may not realise they’re hairy until you’re trying on strappy shoes at the shops. But hairy toes and feet are actually quite common and unfortunately for some, the hair is dark and noticeable. Because it’s a smaller area, it’s best removed using either a pair of tweezers or waxed using small wax strips designed for facial hair (like Veet High Precision Facial Wax & Care).

#5 You’re letting them blister

We’ve all sucked it up and worn a pair of uncomfortable shoes, even though we know they give us blisters. It’s a little unfair, don’t you think? If you know a skin care product is going to make you break out, you wouldn’t use it, so why should feet be any different? As a shoe lover myself, I understand temptation, so if you can’t give up the heels, at least try to prevent your poor feet from blistering by using Dermal Therapy™ Blistop™. And if and when they do appear, slap on a Compeed® Blister Patch straight away.

Have you been making any of the above foot care mistakes? What’s your best foot care tip?

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  1. After inspecting my feet I have now seen a few, just a few, small blonde hairs on my big toe and they can stay there as I’ve never noticed them before this close inspection and they are not really noticeable. I think they are meant to be there! lol

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