Sole survivor

Sole survivor

Audrey Hepburn once said ‘a woman’s true beauty is reflected in her soul’, which rather than encourage me to reflect on my own inner beauty, caused me to note the state of my feet.

Slopping around in thongs all summer long has left my soles looking and feeling dry. And let’s not mention the state of my three-week old nail polish. A sin in the beauty world dahling!

So before my feet hibernate in Uggs and long leather boots I’m arming myself with the tools to transform them from flaky and callused to soft and smooth.

Let’s start by immersing our feet in Manicare Spa Refreshing Foot Soak. Not only is it a great excuse to stop and kick back for five minutes, it softens the skin through a wonderful blend of vitamin E and mint oil. It leaves feet feeling revitalised – but don’t just take my word for it, check out the reviews.

Next, buff away hardened skin with CND Creative Nail Design Spa Callus Smoother. It offers not one but two abrasive surfaces: coarse for the toughies and medium for the, well, not so tough among us.

To give hardened skin the heave-ho for good polish feet with an exfoliating scrub: I like Linden Leaves Footcare Foot Scrub. It packs a real punch with natural pumice and ground apricot seed while the essential oils of sage and lemongrass enliven tired tootsies.

Rinse and pat feet dry and apply lashings of Endota Spa Native Mint and Desert Lime Foot Cream to cool and soothe the skin. Or how about the peoples’ favourite: Vaseline Intensive Care Intensive Rescue Hydrating Foot Cream (Best New Foot Product as voted by you in the 2009 Glosscars).

Of course, if you really want to treat yourself to a DIY feet treat you could always give the Sunbeam Reflexology Foot Spa a whirl. With its heat, massage and spa action, you really will be in seventh foot heaven.

What’s your favourite foot treat?

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