Best foot forward

Best foot forward

Feet are the forgotten middle child when it comes to beauty – we know they’re there, but it’s just so easy to neglect them, even though they deserve just as much attention as anywhere else. There’s no denying that my feet cop an absolute battering. All the running, cycling and other exercise I do really takes its toll, and let’s not even mention the fact that I spend most days wandering around in ridiculously high heels.

So how do you nurture such poor neglected soles? 

1. Don’t cut and run
No, I’m not talking about your nails (please cut those!), I’m talking about calluses, corns and any other bits of dry skin you’d like to get rid of. Cutting away dry, dead skin will actually make it grow back faster and even tougher than before. Plus calluses and dead skin are usually there because you put too much pressure on that part of your foot, so simply snipping away is not going to solve the problem.

2. Make friends with the pumice stone
Remember pumice stones? Well, dig yours out (not got one lurking at the back of your bathroom cabinet? Pick up a Manicare Pumice Stone with Rope) and start using it with your normal body scrub in the shower. Every day. If you’re good and keep at it, you’ll be rewarded with smoother skin and less dry patches.

3. Smother them
We all know the value of a good moisturiser on dry legs and the same goes for your feet. Make treating your feet an extension of your daily body moisturising routine or use a rich foot cream for a foot massage before you go to bed. For best results, slather up and pop socks on before you snooze or try a weekly foot treatment like CND Spa Raw Earth SpaPedicure Foot Mask, which has grape seed extract and bentonite clay to soothe your soles. 

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