3 weird things that stain your teeth


They’re sneaky little critters, really. I mean, they act like they’ve never done a single bad thing in their lives; that they’re just tasty concoctions you add to your food to make it taste absolutely delicious. But it’s not that simple. Not that simple at all…

There are three foods in your diet that may be ruining your chances of owning bright pearly whites, and they’re not the usual culprits of coffee and red wine. They’re soy sauce, chocolate sauce and barbecue sauce.

But what is the reason behind these tasty condiments and their incredible staining abilities, you ask? Well, firstly, they’re dark. Secondly, they’re also a little sticky. And considering you often eat them hot (with Asian delights, warm cake and pizza respectively), this allows them to penetrate deeper into your enamel. Eek.

So, how can you prevent these naughty foods from staining your teeth? Not eating them in the first place is the most obvious answer, but if you simply can’t resist their flavours, eating them at a lower temperature is best. Swishing your mouth with water straight after eating is also a wise idea. Oh, and you should also aim to brush your teeth around 30 minutes after consuming them, too. (Don’t do it immediately, though. This could push the stains further into your teeth.)

Gosh, who knew maintaining white teeth was so high maintenance, huh?

Did you know these three foods were avid teeth-stainers? Do you avoid eating dark, sticky foods in an attempt to keep your teeth whites?

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