7 foods that help prevent grey hair

7 foods that help prevent grey hair

Don’t get us wrong, we’re all for embracing your natural greys. But we also understand wanting to postpone your first white patch for as long as possible.

Grey hair is caused when your hair loses melanin (a naturally occurring pigment), which for the most part depends on your genetics. But there can be other environmental factors, like pollution and sun exposure, which accelerate its decline.

Luckily, other factors, specifically your diet, can work to combat grey hair and protect your natural melanin for longer. 

Spoiler: You probably have most of them in your cupboard already.

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High in both selenium and vitamin D, salmon contains a powerful combination of nutrients that combat premature grey hair. Grey hair can sometimes be caused by a hormone imbalance, which is where selenium steps in to act as a regulator. And with an apparent link between vitamin D deficiency and loss in hair pigmentation, it looks like we’ll be stocking up on salmon!


High levels of zinc are important to maintaining the health of your hair, including the colour. The mineral acts as a building block for protein, while simultaneously shielding your hair shafts from free radicals, meaning it helps protect your hair from external pollutants that can lead to pigmentation loss. Luckily, our favourite summer BBQ staple, prawns, are high in zinc so better toss a couple on the barbie!

Lentils and Chickpeas

Folic acid (also called vitamin B9) is imperative to the production of methionine, an amino acid that’s key to maintaining your hair’s melanin. It also plays a crucial role in the production of DNA and RNA, which is why it’s important for pregnant women to take folic acid. Lentils and chickpeas are some of the best sources of vitamin B9 due to their high concentration. Falafel, anyone?


Citrus fruits like oranges, tangerines, and mandarins are a great source of vitamin C. Not only do they provide an amazing immunity boost when you’re feeling under the weather, but vitamin C is also vital for developing the collagen protein that makes up the hair’s connective tissue. Plus, it acts as an antioxidant to protect your tissue from pollutants, similar to zinc.


Rich in copper, snacking on walnuts can be a delicious way to prevent grey hair. Copper enzymes, like tyrosine, regulate energy production throughout the body’s connective tissues and are imperative to melanin production. So if you’re low in copper, you’re more likely to go grey earlier.


Chicken is high in vitamin B12 which contributes to the growth of thick, healthy hair with lots of pigment. Stress has the tendency to eat up your body’s vitamin B, which is why it’s often attributed as a cause of grey hair. By enriching your diet with lots of vitamin B, you can help combat the appearance of greys, even in the most pressure-packed weeks.


No, we’re not joking! Vegemite is jam packed with B vitamins and folic acid just like lentils and chickpeas. This means your favourite brekkie spread also protects your hair from premature ageing, making us very happy little vegemites indeed.

Are you going prematurely grey? What have you done to combat it?

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