Flickin’ fabulous

Flickin’ fabulous

Check out these Oscar-worthy polishes, nominated not only for their traffic-stopping hues but their silver screen worthy names. So mov-ing and fabulous, all eyes will be on you on that red carpet.

Essie Nail Colour in Risky Business – there’s nothing too risky about this glam red meets shimmering tangerine.

Essie Nail Colour in Lady Godiva – a chocolaty brown that’s good enough to eat.

Essie Nail Colour in Foot Loose – this gorgeous raspberry polish will definitely make you feel like kicking off your Sunday shoes.

Essie Nail Colour in Forever Young – a bold red that’s hot, hot, hot. (Just like Mel Gibson was in the original flick.)

Kit Cosmetics Changelings Nail Polish – as transforming as Angelina herself; the gunmetal, ruby and mauve enamels morph into teal, ruby red and violet after applying the magical Top Coat.

O.P.I I’d Like to Thank… – a gorgeous coffee shimmer that screams vintage glamour and utter sophistication.

O.P.I Who are you Wearing? – um, duh, only the hottest shade in town: a picture, perfect dark violet.

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