How to get your deepest fake tan ever (without looking orange)

How to get your deepest fake tan ever (without looking orange)

For those with a fair skin tone, fake tan can pose a bit of a challenge. If you go too light on the self-tanning lotion, your tan will be barely noticeable. On the other hand, if you apply that extra layer of self-tanner, you risk looking orange rather than sun-kissed!With her lily white skin, bh’s Sophie is all too familiar with this fake-tan struggle. So when Le Tan recently launched the Uber Dark range with a formulation tailored to every skin tone (including fair skin), she was excited to see if she could finally flaunt a dark, yet natural-looking tan.
So, did Sophie achieve all of her #faketangoals and pull off her deepest fake tan ever? In the video above, she takes us through her Uber Dark tanning journey – from the prep, to the application and finally, the result, using Le Tan Uber Dark Ash Base. The self-proclaimed self-tan addict also shares some expert tips along the way, to help you get a flawless, even finish!Don’t have a fair skin tone, but still want to achieve a deep, golden glow? Le Tan Uber Dark Ash Base may be the best tanning lotion for fair skin, but Le Tan Uber Dark Green Base and Le Tan Uber Dark Marula Oil are formulated to suit all skin tones, while Le Tan Uber Dark Violet Base works best with olive skin tones. Turns out, a deep, natural-looking fake tan is achievable for everyone!
Do you covet a deep fake tan? What’s your top tip for a flawless self-tan application? 

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