Fake it ’til you feel it


Back at work and the summer break seems like a lifetime ago. You’re stressed out, tired, jaded and in desperate need of a holiday (never mind that you’ve only just come back from one).  Thank heavens there are products out there guaranteed to get you looking good, when you’re just not feeling it – here’s a few of our faves:

1.) Vani-T Krush Minerals Liquid Radiance – Luminiser Serum
Too many late nights taking their toll? Office air conditioning leaving your skin looking lifeless? “Add an illuminiser to your make-up kit, these are key to creating luminous skin,” says make-up artist, Nicky Lurie. “Blend with your favourite foundation or simply use as a make-up base to add radiance to your complexion – an instant pick-me-up!”

Batiste Tropical Dry Shampoo
There’s nothing more tiring than trying to muster up the energy to wash and style your strands when exhaustion has hit. Well guess what? You don’t have to anymore (at least not every day that is – you do still have to wash your hair occasionally!) Simply spray some dry shampoo into limp locks, give them a brush and they’ll look and smell clean in seconds.

Dove Summer Glow Body Lotion
It goes without saying that everyone looks and feels healthier with a tan (note: by that I, of course, mean a faux glow not the damaging sun-produced version!). Keep your skin bronzed and beautiful all year round by slathering on a gradual tan lotion every so often before bed.

4.) Bloom Lipstick

Studies have shown that a fresh burst of colour is the perfect way to uplift your mood, so why not pay lip service to the theory with a vibrant-hued lipstick? “A bright pout will always draw attention, so if you love your lips paint them red and make them the focal point on your face – not your tired eyes,” says Lurie.

5.) Jo Malone White Jasmine and Mint Cologne
Ever noticed how the smells of a summer day automatically make you feel energised and happy? Like you actually want to do things other than lie prostrate on your couch? Invest in a light floral fragrance and wear it when you’re feeling world-weary to transport your mind and your mojo to a tropical paradise.

Aveda Inner Light Concealer
Dark-ringed, puffy peepers are a dead giveaway of too many nights out and about so disguise your drowsiness with an under-eye concealer. Just be sure to match your chosen product to your skin tone and avoid caking it on or you could end up looking worse than you did to begin with! “If you’re prone to a heavy hand, try mixing your concealer with your favourite eye cream for a more lightweight consistency,” suggests Lurie.

7.) Designer handbag

Ahhh the bliss of retail therapy…nothing creates the same sense of euphoria as a great purchase – especially when the word ‘designer’ is involved! So treat yourself every now and again or, if you can’t afford the real deal, fake it til you can!

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