TikTok Users Are Putting Face Masks On Their Armpits And The Reason Actually Makes Total Sense

TikTok Users Are Putting Face Masks On Their Armpits And The Reason Actually Makes Total Sense

Whether you find the idea of an armpit detox genius or gross, it’s generating quite a bit of buzz on TikTok. Yep, people are applying a good old clay face mask to their armpits, with claims that it’s eliminating the need for deodorant. 

Similarly to using a scalp scrub to clean out any product build-up in our hair, it turns out that after years of wearing deodorant, our armpits require their own form of detoxification. 

Brought to TikTok fame by @melodeerosemiller, who attempted to ease the transition from her regular antiperspirant to an aluminium-free deodorant (a process which she claims isn’t as simple as just switching over products), she began regularly lathering on a mix of clay and apple cider vinegar to her armpits in an attempt to reduce her recent increase in body odour.  

So how does using a clay face mask on your armpits help?

In case you weren’t aware, deodorants work by masking body odour, while antiperspirants  (specifically ones with aluminium) are designed to prevent sweating by blocking the sweat ducts. This means that when we stop using the latter, our bodies undergo a purging period as our pores eventually unblock and allow for sweat to flow freely. 

And how many people can honestly say they could handle an “adjustment” period where their body odour increases? Or in the words of Melodee Miller, have your “armpits stink all the time”. Not us, that’s for sure.

According to TikTok users, clay masks remove deep impurities and unclog pores, hitting fast forward on the detox process and restoring armpits to a healthy state almost immediately. In fact, some users found that regular armpit masking eliminated the use for deodorant altogether.


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♬ ummm hello – Oli Main

Body odour aside, other benefits discovered via the TikTok trend included the clearing up of bumps and underarm-acne, as well as the lightening of the armpit area as hyperpigmentation was reduced.

So which are the best clay masks to use if you’re keen to give an armpit detox a try? Here are our top three picks…

Swisse Manuka Honey Detoxifying Clay Mask, $18.99 at Chemist Warehouse

“It truly detoxifies, purifies, and leaves your skin feeling soft and… clear. My pores were visibly reduced and my skin looked brighter and smoother.” – Iona718

A’kin Brightening Glow Clay Mask, $20.99 at Priceline

“My skin after using this mask is luminous, supple and plump. My skin tone is more even and my skin feels extremely smooth.” – Izzy09

Alya Skin Pink Clay Mask, $49.95 at Priceline

“I get less breakouts as this product helps to close and detoxify your pores. Do not be fooled by the small mask container as this product lasts ages surprisingly.” – beautybabe1904

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  1. I like using the Swisse manuka honey mask on my face, never attempted using it on my pits. Not sure I will be trying it out either, I quite like my aluminium deodorants as I’m a bit of a sweaty betty.

  2. You can buy armpit detox products. I think Lavanila makes one and I’ve seen a couple of other brands whose names I can’t remember off the top of my head. But also a good use for those surplus clay mask deluxe samples I have stashed away in my beauty cupboard.

  3. okay so I tried detoxing my armpits for two months, and I still smelt horrible. Summer came around and I just couldn’t handle it, I could smell my armpits 24/7 so I went back to antiperspirant .. this wasn’t for me. I would’ve loved to go all natural but I had bad armpit odour for a long time.

  4. I can see how a clay mask on the armpits could work for some people. I made the switch to deodorants without aluminium at a time when there were only a couple on the market. These days, there are so many to choose from.

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