Expert reviews: Favourite finds

Expert reviews: Favourite finds

Wish lists at the ready beauties! You’re going to want to put our favourite February beauty finds on there ASAP after reading our reviews!

L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Day Cream 

bh’s Marie says:

When I received the L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Day Cream I was excited to see that it not only was an anti-wrinkle cream but extra-firming. I haven’t used it enough to see if it assists with wrinkles, however I definitely have found it to be extra-firming on my skin.I used the L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Day Cream daily as directed. The cream has a nice mild floral scent that is not too overpowering. It has a thicker consistency than most other day creams I have used, but once I applied the cream to my skin it still felt light and fresh. Throughout the day my skin wasn’t feeling heavy and the cream didn’t make my skin feel oily. I felt my skin firming relatively quickly once applied.The use of red and white on the packaging is effective. The square jar is different as most of the facial creams I have seen tend to be in round jars.Overall, I have found the cream to be an effective product. I have really liked the firming feeling it gives my skin. With prolonged use, I am interested to see if wrinkles are reduced as the product states.

Ulta3 Moisturising Lipstick in ‘Berry Pretty’ 

bh’s Beth says:

I’ve tried a LOT of lipsticks in my time at bh and I can honestly say this one is up there with the best of the lot – and for $3.95. Unbelievable. The shade I tried (a dark purple hue) has a matte finish but it’s not one bit drying. I’m so impressed with how smooth and moisturising the formula feels for the price. The packaging is pretty simple compared to more expensive lipsticks but it’s very functional – you can see the colour through the clear part at the base, so it’s easily identifiable. The lid also clicks onto the base really securely, so I know it won’t fall off in my handbag – I hate it when a lipstick bullet gets covered in miscellaneous fluff! In terms of staying power, I found it lasted for about four hours before I had to touch it up. The outline stayed put so it was just a matter of dabbing it on the centre of my lips. Easy. I plan on buying a few more of these!

Sally Hansen Complete Care 7-in-1 Nail Treatment 

bh’s Anna says:

I get a shellac manicure roughly every two weeks and have for a few years now (terrible, I know!). When I eventually took the shellac off to let my nails breathe, I had some serious damage. My nails were dry, flaky and really weak – not ideal! I was in desperate need of something that would repair them, stat! So I gave the Sally Hansen Complete 7-In-1 Nail Treatment a go. The first thing I noticed was the formula immediately made my nails look healthier, simply because of the subtle shine. After three days of use there was a noticeable difference in the quality of my nails. They felt stronger and some of the dryness had really improved. After 10 days of using the product, my nails were definitely looking better! They weren’t 100 per cent healed from the years of shellac damage but certainly on the right track.

Aveda Beautifying Radiance Polish

bh’s Sam says:

I usually don’t like to use an exfoliating product housed in a tub because I only have a shower (aka no bath) which makes it annoying to open under the running water. But this one has a flip top lid which has made things MUCH easier – and a good thing too because I have fallen in love with this product. It has the signature Aveda scent which fills your shower as soon as you scoop up some product. It’s more of an oil-based scrub than a creamy one, but it doesn’t leave any residue and rubs onto the skin clear. In fact, it leaves the skin reeeeeeally silky and smooth, which must mean it’s hydrating my skin at the same time as it scrubs off all the dead skin cells. Salt crystals are used to form the gritty texture, which I’ve found to be abrasive enough to remove my self-tan, but gentle enough not to cause irritation. I’m definitely going to use this more and more as we go into winter when I’m not tanning so much.

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