Myths and facts about epilators – the truth

Myths and facts about epilators – the truth

The beauty world is full of hints, tips and tricks, as well as a whole lot of opinions. Often, among all the titbits, come a heap of myths disguised as facts. This is especially true of the epilator. This little hair removal device has changed and evolved over the years [link to first blog] – and so have the misconceptions! But fear not, we’re here to clear it all up. We spoke to Lotte de Koning, Beauty Product Development Leader at Philips, to decipher the myths and facts surrounding the epilator.

MYTH #1: It’s super painful

This is probably the most common misconception about epilators. Anyone who has waxed before knows that removing hair from the root is certainly no walk in the park – but beauty is pain, right? When it comes to using an epilator, Lotte explains: “Yes, the first time when all the hairs are there, it can be painful. But when you use an epilator regularly, fewer hairs grow back and therefore, the pain is reduced.”

MYTH #2: Your hair grows back thicker

I’m not sure where this one came from, because any informed beauty would know that when you remove hair from the root, it grows back sparser than before. The epilator does just that – plucks hairs from the root to completely remove them.

MYTH #3: You can’t use it in the shower

A lot of women choose to use a razor for hair removal because it’s convenient to use in the shower. A common misconception about the epilator is that it doesn’t have the same convenience factor. Once again, this is totally false. There are a variety of models that can be used in the shower, like the Philips Satinelle Advanced Wet & Dry Epilator. Hurrah for technology!

MYTH #4: You can’t use it while you’re pregnant

This is one of the weirder myths about epilators and it’s also totally false! Sure, you’re not supposed to eat sushi or soft cheese or drink alcohol when pregnant, but steering clear of epilating is TOTALLY unnecessary. When I asked Lotte if epilators are safe to use while pregnant, her answer was simple: “Yes!”

MYTH #5: You can’t use it on your face or other sensitive areas

Nope. Not true! These days, epilators like the Philips Satinelle Advanced Wet & Dry model have specific attachments for different parts of the body. It has a ‘delicate area’ cap for use on the bikini and underarm area, as well as an attachment to use on your face (because ain’t nobody got time for a moustache, am I right?).

MYTH #6: It causes ingrown hairs

Well guys, I hate to be the one to break it to you, but every hair removal method has the potential to cause ingrown hairs – it’s just one of the many beauty perils we must deal with. However, Lotte says, as long as you exfoliate the day before you epilate, you should be able to avoid any pesky ingrowns!

As for the facts, it is true that your hair needs to be about one-two weeks long in order for the epilator to be effective in removing them, however Lotte explains that it does remove shorter hairs than waxing and has longer-lasting results compared to shaving. The lesson in all of this? Don’t believe everything you hear, especially when it comes to beauty!

Have you used an epilator before? Did you believe any of these myths?

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