Real life fitness fails


Going to the gym or a fitness class already requires a lot of willpower for most of us, and sometimes all it takes is just one embarrassing scenario to scar us for life, never to return (or at least change gyms). But the good news is, we’ve got a whole list of real life fitness fails here for you to learn from, so you can ensure you never make the same mistakes.

FITNESS FAIL #1 No clean underwear

If you’ve committed to a morning workout routine, chances are it’s easiest for you to shower at the gym before starting your day. If this is the case, let us warn you now that there’s nothing worse than forgetting clean undies. Nobody wants to put back on a sweaty pair of panties or sports bra (or go sans all together!), so try packing your bag the night before to avoid early morning mistakes and always have underwear at the top of your list.

FITNESS FAIL #2 Make-up sweats

Alternatively, if you’re more of an afternoon or night-time gym goer, face wipes or make-up remover is your must-have item. While you can usually get away with light make-up at the gym, full cover foundation, with a layer of bronzer or blush doesn’t look so flattering when it’s dripping down your face. Not to mention if you have a white gym towel, it’ll be a mixture of brown and orange by the end of your session. So if you’ve worn heavy make-up for the day, make sure to remove it before you start.

FITNESS FAIL #3 Hairy surprises

Whether you’re going through some sun salutations or playing a game of netball, raising your arms to reveal hairy pits can leave you a little red-faced. And that’s not the only area hair can sneak up on you. If you’re a lover of long skirts and jeans, it’s easy to forget about the fur on your legs or if you’re heading to do laps at the pool and haven’t worn swimmers in a while, you might want to check that your bikini area is also neat and tidy.

Saving yourself from such embarrassment is as simple as choosing a long-lasting hair removal option like Nair Sensitive Shower Power Hair Removal Cream or Nair Sensitive Strip Free Wax with Painr Reducing Formula. The cream can provide you with smooth, hair-free results for up to seven days AND the wax works on hairs as little as 2mm. What’s more though, is that they’ve both been formulated specifically for sensitive skin and enriched with moisturising argan oil, so your skin will be left looking and feeling silky smooth.

Of course, what gets us in these hairy situations in the first place is the effort and time it takes to remove hair (especially if you like to keep every body part in check). But that’s the other great thing about these products. The Shower Power Hair Removal Cream works to remove hair while you’re in the shower (simply apply, leave for the recommended time and rinse with water) and the Sensitive Strip Free Wax hardens upon application to form its own wax strip, (so no fussing with cotton strips and mess), meaning you can remove it in one easy step.

So whether you prefer a cream or a wax (or both for different areas) these ones will keep you hair-free for longer, are ideal for sensitive skin AND are super convenient no matter your routine. 

FITNESS FAIL #4 See-through tights

Leggings aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but if you do wear tights while working out, make sure to do the see-through test before heading out. The last thing you want is for your hardworking squats to reveal your bright pink underwear underneath. Even if they’re black as night, still do a bend over test in front of your mirror to ensure that when your tights stretch they still cover everything.

FITNESS FAIL #5 Fake tan backfire

Even if you’re wearing transfer resistant tan that smells like roses, as soon as you begin to sweat, it will all go out the window. Sweat itself doesn’t smell, it’s when it comes into contact with bacteria on the skin that causes odour, so adding fake tan into the mix will only make it more pungent. Plus your sweat marks will look darker thanks to the bronze tinge, which could cause a few stares. If you must work out with fake tan on, make sure to wear an all black outfit and opt for exercising outside.

FITNESS FAIL #6 Check your machine after use

If you’re using machines at the gym, always check what you’re leaving behind before moving onto the next one. Even if you think you don’t sweat that much, the black leather material of most machines will show shiny, wet patches at even the teeniest amount of perspiration. And you’d much rather give it a wipe down yourself than be asked to by the next user.

FITNESS FAIL #7 Smelly feet

Most yoga and meditation classes are performed bare foot, so be aware before you head to one that you may have to remove your shoes. If your feet tend to smell (usually from wearing shoes all day), keep some foot odour spray in your car or handbag to give them a quick spritz before heading in. After all, a main component of these classes is breathing and you don’t want everyone to be breathing in your stinky feet.

Have you ever had a fitness fail? What are your tips for an embarrassment-free workout session?

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