Easy ombre nail art tutorial

Easy ombre nail art tutorial

Feeling fed up with your go-to nail polish? Then it might be time to take your nail game up a level with some #ontrend nail art. And is there anything more on-trend than ombre?

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This ombre nails tutorial is a great place to start. Similar to the ombre hairstyle trend, ombre nails start with a lighter colour at the top of the nail that gradually morphs into a darker colour. It looks amazing on all nail shapes and lengths, plus it will make for an impressive Instagram photo!

Watch the video above to see how to create your own ombre nail art at-home.

What you’ll need

Nail protector stickers

1x white nail polish

2x other nail polish colours

1x makeup sponge

1x top coat

Have you tried nail art before? Will you be trying out this ombre nail art tutorial yourself?

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