How to deal with dry skin


As the air becomes drier and temperatures drop, there’s a good chance your skin will become dry and, if left untreated, itchy, red and irritated. And we don’t want that now, do we?

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So the easiest, most simple solution to get rid of dry skin is to hydrate it – and we’re not just talking about liquids. A good, hard-working moisturiser or lotion, applied on a daily basis will help you prevent dry, scaly skin and keep your body feeling soft and smooth.

A creamy body moisturiser will work best to hydrate dry skin, so here are some luxury body moisturisers that will work wonders on your skin:

This rich cream offers more than just intense hydration for your body. Enriched with caviar extract, the moisturiser firms and brightens skin as it deeply moisturises dry skin. A double win!

This body moisturiser is ideal for fighting dryness and dehydration. The luxury body cream calms and restores suppleness to skin as algae in the formula clarifies and firms your body. The luxurious cream is so ultra-hydrating, you may not even need to apply it daily!

  • Chanel Body Excellence Intense Hydrating Milk Comfort and Firmness ($84,

This floral-scented lotion for dry skin delivers 24-hour intense hydration to skin while firming and toning the body. Apply this luxury body product twice a day and dry skin will be a thing of the past.

Do you struggle with extremely dry skin? What are your go-to dry skin remedies?

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