DermaVeen Daily Nourish Sun Sensitive SPF50+ With Body Moisturiser Trial Team

DermaVeen Daily Nourish Sun Sensitive SPF50+ With Body Moisturiser Trial Team


Women aged between 25 – 54 with dry, itchy and sensitive skin.

Star rating:

DermaVeen Daily Nourish Sun Sensitive SPF50+ With Body Moisturiser


  • 100% felt that the product was well suited for their skin type/needs
  • 98% felt that the product formed a protective moisture layer over their skin barrier
  • 96% described the feeling of their skin after use as soft, smooth and non-greasy
  • 94% felt that the product moisturised and hydrated their skin

beautyheaven says:

The DermaVeen Daily Nourish Sun Sensitive SPF50+ is a dermatologically-tested face and body sunscreen, formulated with 100 per cent natural colloidal oatmeal to hydrate dry and sensitive skin. This formulation contains the highest level of SPF protection available in Australia and is free from fragrances or parabens.

After trialling the DermaVeen Daily Nourish Sun Sensitive SPF50+, members instantly filled a pain point in their daily routine. Many people forego body sunscreen because they do not want to use their face-specific formula on their limbs and vice versa. As a result of the formula’s lightweight and rapid absorption, members could condense their sunscreen and moisturiser into one easy step from top to toe.

In the early stages, many members wondered whether the formula would leave a thick and white coating on the skin, as most body sunscreens do. To the Trial Team members’ delight, this formula was easy to apply, leaving the skin feeling soft and smooth.

Members with easily irritated skin were also concerned about triggering flare-ups, as body sunscreen had been a source of irritation for them for many years. The inclusion of colloidal oatmeal, however, made the formula a “godsend” for those with skin prone to eczema, soothing and nourishing stubborn dry patches. Additionally, the sunscreen’s water-resistant formula has left our members eager to add it to their rotation as we approach summer.

Each and every member that participated in the trial praised the product as being suited to their skin type and needs. For this reason, it’s safe to assume that this product will become a staple in their beauty routines moving forward.

*Stats are based on a survey of 50 beautyheaven Trial Team members.

The products for this Trial Team have been provided by DermaVeen for the purpose of trial and review. All reviews submitted are the honest, authentic and genuine sentiments of the beautyheaven members participating in this trial.

You say:

“I love that this body moisturiser is an all-over body cream that can be also be used on the face. The formula is so light but rich and fast absorbing and moisturising. I have very dry skin and have found that this moisturiser has helped soothe my extra dry skin! I also like that it contains natural colloidal oatmeal and has the ultimate sun protection: SPF50+ broad spectrum sun protection!” -jlsta

“It makes life a lot easier knowing my skin is both being nourished and protected from the sun. I suffer from sensitive/ dermatitis prone skin so I did find this moisturiser did soothe and calm my skin from any flare-ups. The cream went onto my skin well and was absorbed quickly with no greasy residue so that was a definite win.” – Christine960

“The white, soft, creamy texture makes it a pleasure to apply as it leaves my skin feeling soft, silky smooth and feeling pampered. After applying the cream, my skin feels nicely hydrated and moisturised.” – blu

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    • It’s rather soothing because of the oatmeal. Perfect if you have dry or eczema prone skin! I normally don’t like chemical sunscreens but this one is great! It’s also Reef Friendly!

  1. This works really well on the face for normal to dry skin, it’s not greasy, doesn’t irritate or sting the eyes. On my combination skin, I prefer it during the colder months.

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