Dateless and devastated…


If you found yourself dateless this Valentine’s Day ‘brush up’ on a few handy tips that might just increase your pulling power!

Because you know how much I love a statistic or two, and because last night (aka Valentine’s Day) is the biggest date night of the year (or the chance for all you single gals to go out and score a cute new guy) I thought I’d share a fact that I stumbled across about the key to looking as attractive as you can. And trust me, it’s far simpler than you may think.

A whopping 74 per cent of Australians say that a pearly white smile is the key to impressing their Valentine. Forget the flowers and fast cars – it’s all about the gleaming grin.

Seems easy enough doesn’t it? You just brush your teeth before you go and voila – you’re in fresh mouth town! But think of all the roadblocks you come up against while you’re out. There’s garlic and onions for one – which can leave your breath kind of unkissable – and then there are the teeth-staining-tannins contained in coffee and red wine to contend with too.

Thankfully, there is an answer. Chewing EXTRA Professional White Sugarfree Gum is your express pass to smoochville when you’re out and about. Not only will your breath smell as though you’ve just brushed your teeth, but you won’t have to give up that romantic bottle of red wine, as any stains will be lifted. Talk about handbag essential eh? For an extra clean feeling on-the-go, keep a Colgate Wisp handy. It’s a mini toothbrush and mouth cleanser in one, so you can pop off to the bathroom and freshen up whenever you feel necessary.

What’s your secret to being sexy on date night?

Yesterday’s answer? Bergamot, orange, lavender, rose, lilac and lily of the valley

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  1. I like to add some curls these days too – for special events it makes it easier to make my hair look ‘done’ as my hair would normally just look straight and limp. I like the brush my teeth really regularly too though!

  2. Love this article by Olivia! Very conversational! I never used to think too much about this sort of stuff when I was ‘dating’ decades ago. Modern society has come such a long way – I think people smell much better these days!!

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