Six of the best: love enhancers – page 2

Six of the best: love enhancers – page 2

Want to woo your honey, but you look and feel more drab than fab?
Never fear, we’ve got a few lust-worthy beauty bits up our sleeve that can help you to up the romance factor on your next big date night. Note: Barry White will always help to set the perfect mood for lovin’, baby.

LYNX Dark Temptation Body Spray

“This is the best men’s deodorant ever. It doesn’t have the clichéd smell like colognes. It has a unique smell of delicious chocolate with some masculine notes. I love it on hubby, it keeps him fresh for so long too. It’s so tempting and sexy, I must confess, I sometimes like to sneak a spray or two!” Rating: 5/5 – Delicious Girl

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